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Libraries Are Heaven on Earth and We Are Not Worthy

I have a mild severe obsession with libraries. I know you know libraries exist, but I want to make sure every mom out there knows about these eleven things that make them so amazing for anyone bringing up a child of any age.   1. Free toys I used to think of books when I thought of libraries, but now my first thought is toys. Walk in to any children’s area and you’ll find puzzles, trains, and so many more things to play with. Don’t want to buy that Melissa & Doug cube thing for home? Take your baby...

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A (Second Half of a) Day In the Life of A Working Mother: Molly

You’ve already heard the first half of last week’s Thursday. My mom comes to help me once a week (sometimes more lately) and this is one of those days. When she’s not here I am taking care of the baby myself while occasionally fitting in work during naps and feedings. My parents were able to take care of the baby up until 3:00 when they left. Of course, literally right as they were closing the door, my phone rings. Hello? Oh hi, is this Molly? I have a work call for you for the exact moment you don’t have...

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A (First Half of a) Day in the Life of a Working Mother: Molly

1:00 AM – Wake up to baby’s crying. She is back asleep by the time I get to the crib. Surely she’ll get back up. I lie down while I wait for her to get up for her typical night feeding but… 5:30 AM – Wake up to baby’s sounds. Can’t believe she slept through the night! Woohoo!!!!! This has happened a few times. Last night she went to sleep later than usual and it seems like if I really tire her out she will skip her night feed. 6:00 AM – Wife gets me out of bed to...

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Please Don’t Let Me Be the Mom Who Thinks She’s Perfect

Ah, the classic struggle of “having it all.” So far, I’m doing it. I have a book coming out from a major publisher in a few months and an exciting book tour to go with it. I am staying at home raising my baby essentially full-time and I love it. I spend a lot of my day in a comfy armchair watching my favorite TV while she nurses or naps on me. I am continuing my easy part-time work-from-home job and contributing income to our family. I have free and trustworthy childcare help from family pretty much whenever I...

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A Mother’s Place Is In the Picket Line

Before my daughter was born, I was an activist. I’ve marched on Washington multiple times, protested in streets around New England, spoken at press conferences, organized groups, written letters, made calls, all of that. Activism is who I am, a huge part of my identity. I didn’t think becoming a mom would change that. I saw kids with their parents at protests all the time and I couldn’t wait to bring mine and raise my own little activists. Speaking up for what you believe in is one of the values I will (try to) pass on to my child(ren)....

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