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Random Acts of Kindness

We live in a fast-paced world where we are expected to do a million different tasks not only quickly, but accurately. We get too little sleep, and have too many responsibilities, and we take far too little time for ourselves. This can leave people feeling overworked, underappreciated, and sometimes even depressed. Since our self care is often pushed to the wayside that also means that many of us probably feel that we have little to no time left to do anything for others.   Would you believe me if I told you that I have a way that you...

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A Day in the Life of a Fat Person

I am fat. I stand at 5’6 (and ½ )”  and weigh anywhere between 230 and 240 pounds. If you want to get technical, and refer to the good ol’ BMI chart, I would fall into the extremely obese range. Is this something I am proud of, no, but is it something that I allow to define me, absolutely not. Every day we are bombarded with images in the media telling us what beautiful looks like. Although the images have slowly begun to include people of all sizes, it is still quite striking to look at magazine covers in...

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A Letter From a Teacher to Parents

I am a teacher. This is a label that I wear with pride. I get up every morning and go into work so that I can give my all to the group of young people in my classroom. I am an educator. I teach children about reading, writing, and math. I also teach them about how to be decent human beings and how to make friends. In addition, I am a shoulder for them to cry on when life is rough. We have real life conversations about topics that are important to them. I am the provider of clothes...

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Confessions of a Working Mother: Tips For New Foster Parents From a Foster Mom and Foster Son

I have officially been a foster mom for an entire year. In that year I have learned many valuable lessons that I would like to share with you here. In addition, I have included a section written by my 15-year-old foster son. He has been in homes other than mine, and has used his life experiences to make a very well written list of his thoughts on a good foster home. With all of that being said, here is what my foster son and I have to say… My Tips for Foster Parents Make friends in foster care class. ...

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The Perfect Gift

I know once you read this Christmas will have passed, Hanukkah will be on the 5th day, and a sense of normalcy will probably have returned to most of your lives. Right now, as I’m writing this, it is December 22nd and holiday fever is everywhere. It’s on TV, in my classroom, in the stores, and the list goes on and on. We literally could not escape it if we tried. Many people, in fact most people, do not mind holiday fever because this is their favorite time of year. For the rest of us, you know the Grinch and Scrooge type people; this is actually not the happiest time of year. In fact it’s the most stressful, most financially burdensome, and most headache causing time of year. With all of that being said, there is one part of the holiday season that I look forward to. There is one gift that I cannot wait to receive every single year. The box is always a cube, sometimes it’s big and sometimes it’s small, but it’s always that perfect cube shape. It’s heavy. If it’s not heavy then it’s probably not the gift.  I know, I know, get on with it already, right? A snow globe. Yes, my favorite gift every year is a snow globe. I am aware that to many a snow globe is really nothing that extraordinary, but...

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