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Summer Bucket List

It’s almost here!! Three more weeks until my glorious, fabulous summer vacation begins. I am lucky enough to work a teacher’s schedule so, for me, summer is simply the most amazing gift a working mother can receive. Nine glorious weeks of doing…whatever the hell we (my kids and I) want. We can have lazy days or busy days. We can go to the beach, the playground, the zoo, or simply the backyard. No mornings spent rushing around and arguing with each other. No evenings slogging through the dinner and bathing routine trying to get everyone to bed at a...

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So…my birthday is coming up. I met this fabulous woman in graduate school who absolutely loved her birthday. She would begin reminding us about her birthday several months in advance and when it finally arrived she would be a ray of sunshine all day long. She turned her birthday into an excuse for ALL of us who knew her to have a good day. Even now, with many (many) years and lots of miles between us I remember her birthday before Facebook tells me and I smile for her because I know she has found a way to make...

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I’ve been a mother for almost twelve years.  Most days I still feel like I’m winging it but when I think about what I knew about motherhood twelve years and three kids ago, I know I’ve definitely learned a thing or two. So, with Mother’s Day this weekend I thought I would take this opportunity to share just a few of these things with all of you! Giving up wine, sushi, caffeine, cold cuts, and hair dye is probably one of the hardest parts of pregnancy. Pregnancy and childbirth changes your body forever. You may find a way to...

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One Year Later

May 12th will be the one-year anniversary of my daughter Natalie’s surgery to fuse her spine and correct severe scoliosis caused by a neurological disorder called Neurofibromatosis (NF). As winter has turned to spring my mind has begun to wander to the events leading up to and following that extremely difficult day. With those memories has come residual anxiety and sadness and continued fear of what we may face next. Rather than focus on those difficult emotions I’ve tried instead to reflect on how much I have learned this year. I learned that I am surrounded by good people....

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My Person

At a recent girls’ night with my friends, one of my friends called her closest friend at the table “her person”. For those of you who are not avid watchers of Grey’s Anatomy, she was referring to the relationship between Meredith Grey and Christina Yang. They were each other’s “go to” person for…everything.   This got me thinking about my person and how I don’t have one. I have people. Now, I don’t mean “people” like they mean in Hollywood—“Have your people call my people and we will set something up!” I don’t have staff (although, really, I could use some). I have these amazing people in my life, however, that I could not possibly live without. I’ve been thinking a lot about balance lately. I think the recipe for “balance” is different for every mother but I know, for me, without my people I would topple right over. My husband: Beyond his role as my favorite person in my life, my husband is in charge of a pretty important part of the day for my family. He is responsible for getting my three girls out of the house with their daily luggage (i.e. backpacks, lunch, flutes, various projects, signed permission slips, hats/mittens, appropriate footwear, Elmo, etc.) and then to their daily destination. While that may not sound too difficult, it is when you consider the nightmare that is...

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