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Love Has To Win

The world has been very loud lately. I cringe when I look through my Facebook newsfeed. I skip through news channels quickly trying to avoid any haunting and scary images. I excuse myself from heated conversations and debates about politics, immigration, and war. I lie awake at night afraid. The recent terror attack in Paris, however, was not the first time (and I’m certain it will not be the last time) when I was forced to face the state of this world where I live and parent. When my older children were younger I was the parent dropping off...

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Taking Time To Pause

Kairos is God’s time. It’s time outside of time. It’s metaphysical time. Kairos is those magical moments in which time stands still. I have a few of those moments each day, and I cherish them. – Glennon Melton, Momastery This idea of taking a pause to really see the beauty around you is from this post from Glennon Melton of Momastery, and it has always stuck with me. My daily life can be exhausting, frustrating, and overwhelming. I have begun to truly appreciate the idea, however, that it is also fleeting. My children are growing and changing at breakneck speed. I know I must find ways, every day, to cherish not just them but this pretty decent life I live despite the exhaustion, frustration, and annoyances I may encounter. So, I look to my “Kairos” moments for help. Moments when time stands still. Moments when I hit pause to feel, think, and enjoy. This weekend was packed. We had three soccer games Saturday morning, normal weekend errands and cleaning in the afternoon, and an evening of trick-or-treating and socializing with a large group of friends. Sunday the girls had church and religious education, two soccer games, and more errands and cleaning that I could not finish before our Halloween party on Saturday. I managed to find some time to pause, however, as we hurtled through those days. Saturday morning I...

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Finding Fun in the Fall

Anyone who knows me knows that I adore summer. It is my absolute favorite time of the year with spring being a close second. Winter in Connecticut makes me want to pack up my family and high tail it out of here never to return and fall is just a reminder of what’s coming. However, knowing that the winter doldrums are quickly approaching usually motivates me to at least try to enjoy some of what fall has to offer. So here’s a bit of what my family has been up to: Soccer I have three girls who play soccer so every weekend I sit and watch an average of four games.  I’m so proud of my three athletes and I cheer them on with gusto.  I love most of it until it gets so cold that by the time game two begins I can’t feel my face. At that point I’m ready to pay the referee $10 to end the game early. No one gets past this defender. My Sporty Spice Everything she does she does with a smile. Apple Picking In September, a few friends and I spent an afternoon apple picking with all of our kids. We ventured out into a local orchard on one of the most glorious weather days of the season so far. We gathered delicious apples and the kids managed to navigate through...

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I’m Not Having Any More Children (I Mean it This Time)

I have three amazing daughters. I had two very close together during my late twenties and my third when I was 35. Leaving a large age gap between Baby #2 and Baby #3 (six years) had not been our original plan. Once we realized that time had gotten away from us, Plan B had been to perhaps have two more children so Baby #3 would have a sibling closer to her age. I know now for certain, however, that Baby #4 is most definitely NOT on the way. If we are surprised by a blessing that is another child we will most certainly welcome him or her into our lives. However, I am absolutely not planning on having any more children. And this is how I know: 1. I have given away or thrown away all of my baby “gear”. It’s gone and I’m thrilled. The furniture, carseats, strollers, exer-saucers, high chairs, baby toys, baby books, clothes, bottles, pacifiers—you name it and it’s gone. 2. I have only a little desire to hold another person’s baby and really that’s only for brand new, sleeping babies. This happened soon after my last baby was born. She was so perfect to me and she’s all I wanted. Other people’s babies really didn’t interest me. Today this feeling is even stronger. I really do not want to hold your squirmy, heavy baby. She’s...

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Nothing But Dust

I had hoped to write about finding peace this week. In so many ways my life has become much more peaceful, especially over the last year. Many stressors from the last decade have lessened and I am enjoying the benefit of having older children who actually sleep. Unfortunately, however, I’m not comfortable saying that I’m content and at peace with my life. I’m actually aching for change. There is a country song I simply love called “Dust” by Eli Young Band. The song is on my running playlist, I blast it when it’s on in the car, and I sing along at the top of my lungs whenever it’s socially appropriate. Now, to be clear, if this was me in that picture I’d have my husband next to me and my three kids in my rear view but that’s not the point. Some days I just wish we could pack up our lives and get the hell out of here. When I was twenty-three, my husband (then boyfriend) and I did just that. We packed up what little we had—second hand furniture, extra kitchen supplies my mother didn’t need, our clothes, and a tiny TV—and we left the state where both of us had grown up to move to the Washington, DC area for graduate school. We knew NO ONE. It was just us, a tiny bank account, and...

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