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My Third Baby

My baby is growing up. As she creeps up on her fourth birthday, I am still referring to her as “the baby” and I’m pretty sure I always will. I am very upset that she is growing up and unfortunately I think I’ve “broken” her with my frequent comments about this since she is now very upset about growing up as well. Anytime someone makes a comment about how big she’s getting, she cries a little. Oops. I had two children pretty close together in my late twenties. I really don’t remember much from 2003 through 2007. I blame...

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Summer Lessons

As an educator I have always worked summer school. While summer school was less hours than my normal work day it still required getting up, getting dressed, and spending a large chunk of my day involved with work. Last summer was the first summer, ever, that I decided not to work. My oldest daughter was recovering from spinal surgery, however, so while I thoroughly enjoyed the time off from work it was definitely not what I would call a “normal” summer. This summer, however, has been pure freedom. I am not working, we have very little planned and scheduled, and no really important commitments. My girls and I can do whatever we want. It’s been lovely. I’ve also learned a few things. My almost four-year-old never stops talking. As a working mother I truly treasure almost every minute I get to spend with my youngest baby. I hang on her every word. I try to grant every wish she has. We spend entire evenings snuggled in a chair together. I miss her when I’m at work—a down into the gut longing. This summer my older girls are spending most mornings at a recreational sports camp. The baby, however, is my constant companion. From the second she wakes up until the time I put her to bed she is in my shadow–talking. She asks questions. She tells me stories. She...

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During my late twenties my calendar was filled with weddings, showers, engagement parties, dress fittings, and tux fittings. I loved every wedding we went to—either as a guest or as a participant. I loved my own wedding and the year of planning and related events leading up to the big day. When I think back to that period of my life, I only smile as I remember the overwhelming happiness I felt as I made a commitment to share my life with my favorite person and as I watched my siblings, cousins, and friends do the same. Now, in my late thirties, I have attended very few weddings and those that I have gone to were as a guest of the bride or groom’s parents (gasp!). Not only have I been deprived of these chances to celebrate and be merry these days but I have also been faced with news, more and more often, of a marriage falling to pieces. This news always makes me so sad but it also leads to reflection. With every divorce I think back to the previously happy couple on their wedding day and then I will, of course, think about my wedding day. Could my husband and I ever become so unhappy that our marriage will end? I think about how much LIFE has happened since we got married and how those events...

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Summer Fun with the Kids…The Reality

I am a speech-language pathologist and I work for a public school district so I get to enjoy my summers off from work with my children. This is a wonderful gift and I love the lazy time I get to spend with my kids…usually. While I get extremely annoyed when I hear people say things like, “Ugh when does school start? My kids are driving me nuts!” since I get so little time with my kids during the school year, I will admit that filling our days with fun (but budget-friendly) activities can be a challenge. I also know that some ideas may seem inspired at first but can turn into an epic fail. Last week was our first week of summer so the teacher in me decided that the first stop would be our public library. I LOVE public libraries. I love the smell of the books, the peace and quiet, and the sense of community I feel when I’m surrounded by other town residents taking advantage of a service offered by the town. My girls love it too. I think it has something to do with feeling like they are on a shopping spree. It’s all free?? I can get as many books as I want?? FOR FREE!?!?!? Yep. Let’s just mark that due date on Mommy’s calendar to keep it free. So we trooped into the...

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Mother of the Year

Lately I’ve been feeling like parenting has gotten the best of me.  This may be because of end of the school year exhaustion or maybe it’s my oldest’s quick slide into the parenting abyss that is adolescence but I’m definitely not a shining example of good parenting this days. I’m often forgetful and disinterested and I definitely have not been saying the right things to my kids during times of drama and stress. I keep looking at the calendar and literally counting the days until our big summer “reset” on our schedule and lives. As I sit and type this I’m working very hard not to beat myself up over it. I also can’t help but think that I’m not alone. The number one reason why I read blog posts is to get that comforting feeling of camaraderie and acceptance from other moms experiencing the exact same things. So, in that spirit, here is a list of things I’ve done lately that have made me lose a little sleep and have reminded me that I’m not receiving that “Mother of the Year” trophy any time soon. I forgot to put my three-year-old to bed…on a school night. One recent Sunday night, after an exhausting weekend filled with soccer games and birthday parties, I got comfortable on the couch in front of the TV while all three of the kids...

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