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Confession of a Working Mother: I Can Do It All…But I Cannot Do It All Well

I have been a working mother for over thirteen years.  Over these years I have always worked more than full time since I have both a full-time career and an additional part-time job. Despite working at least fifty (and sometimes closer to sixty) hours each week, during these parenting years I have also earned an advanced degree, owned and managed a business, volunteered in my community and at my children’s school, and now I write for and manage this website and online community. Oh yeah, I also raised three children to school-aged, washed countless loads of laundry, spent thousands...

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I Am A Runner–This Is Why

I am a runner. I’m not a marathon runner. I’m not even a 5K runner. I don’t run every day and I may go a month (or more) without heading out for a jog. However, I am a runner. Four years ago this summer, my third (and last!) baby had just turned one. I was feeling sluggish and out of shape. I did not belong to a gym and was just emerging from the fog that is the first year of a child’s life. I had walked my way through all of my pregnancies and had belonged, on and...

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Faith, Family, and Christmas

We are in the final countdown to Christmas.  My children are excited and my youngest is practically vibrating.  Every morning she starts her day first looking for her elf (ugh the elf).  Then, she adds another felt ornament to her Advent Calendar shaped as a Christmas tree. Finally, she adds a piece to her Advent Calendar depicting the birth of Jesus.  Today she added another sheep. She will add the newborn Baby on Christmas Eve.  You see, in my home, while we excitedly wait for Santa, we also talk about the religious meaning of the season. I was raised...

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Kiss Your Children

Four years ago, on December 14th, 2012 I ran out of my house, shouting good-byes over my shoulder to my three babies, as I was late for work as usual. My children were in third grade, second grade, and daycare. I did not give my children another thought that morning as I drove quickly to work and began to navigate through my busy day. Several hours later, around lunch time, my world was destroyed. Later that day I found myself home with my girls. I had locked all of my doors, even the deadbolts. I had pulled closed my...

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Our Holiday Traditions

Another holiday season is upon us.  For those of us who celebrate Christmas, December is often described as a roller coaster.  It’s fast, there are many high and low points, there is often lots of screaming (both from excitement and anxiety), and it all ends rather suddenly making you feel both exhilarated and exhausted. As a working mother, the demands and expectations of this season can be particularly daunting.  After all, we are still managing our already over-stuffed lives while adding an endless list of must do holiday-related tasks and events. Many years and three kids have taught me...

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