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Be Charitable

Hello Lovely Readers! So fall has flown by and we are hurtling into the holiday season. Here at CT Working Moms, our writers spent the month of November reflecting on and writing about the idea of thankfulness.  As we move into December, we turn our thoughts to the needs of others. Today is Giving Tuesday, a day to reflect on others in our community who may need our help.  For more information on this global initiative click here. The writers at CT Working Moms have gathered a list of local charities and other  community agencies that are close to...

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Unofficial Rules In My House

My home is a rather informal and relaxed place. My husband and I are pretty flexible and lenient parents and we have made our home a place where the kids can be safe and stress free. We have lazy days and sloppy moments and often eat the wrong foods. We have no chore list, no family meetings, and no displayed “house rules”. Home for us is a place to just…be. Recently I’ve begun to question this parenting style since my girls are getting older. My thirteen-year-old comes home with stories of her friends being “punished” for breaking a house...

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I Am Thankful

Every night, before I finally get myself into bed, I wander around my darkened, quiet home shutting off lights, locking doors, closing blinds and curtains, and picking up and cleaning up a few last things. I find that this is the time of day when I am most reflective and thankful.   I am thankful that my day is done. I am (usually) at peace with our decisions and choices of the day and I’m finally a bit more relaxed now that the many items on our “to do” lists have been checked off. I soak in the rare...

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The Reluctant Dance Mom

As a child I was extremely awkward and clumsy from the moment I started walking. My mother claims she was concerned I would seriously hurt myself since I was constantly falling, tripping, walking into things, and dropping things. I had no interest in any sports so, desperate to give me some “grace” (as she called it), she enrolled me in dance classes when I was six. One class led to many classes and by the time I was thirteen I was dropped off at the studio (with my homework and food) almost every afternoon for at least 2-3 hours...

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Kindergarten is Hard

My youngest daughter started kindergarten this fall and it has not been easy. I’m not sure if it has been more difficult for her or for me but, regardless, September was filled with tears. Last spring I wrote a bit about why we weren’t ready for kindergarten.  My youngest daughter radiates pure joy and happiness most days and I was concerned that the stress and pressure of school would have a negative impact on her carefree personality. By the second week of school I was afraid my predictions were correct. It began subtly enough. When asked how her day...

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