Author: Sara Orris

Adulting is Hard

For the last six months or so my husband and I have talked, and thought, and planned, and questioned, and talked, and looked, and thought, and talked some more. Do we put money into our house and stay or do we find a new house and go?

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Food and Forty

My birthday is this weekend. I’m hoping to go out to dinner and I’d prefer sushi but I wouldn’t say no to a steak. Actually, I wouldn’t say no to Mexican food, Chinese food, or a gorgeous piece of lasagna. I’m going to want bread, an appetizer, and dessert (mmmm…crème brulee). And I’ll need at least one bottle of wine for the table. For my husband’s birthday in March we indulged on dinner at a very expensive steak house. We ate too much food, spent too much money, and enjoyed every bite. I simply love food. My husband and...

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The Time My Family Had Lice…Or…Oh My God We Had The Lice!

Lice. Just saying the word makes you reach up and scratch your head. Lice is probably the number one fear of mothers with school-aged children. I remember those days before I had The Lice. Oh the innocence. My kids won’t get lice! They’re clean, they know not to share hairbrushes, we never try on hats in a store, they don’t go away to summer camp! We won’t get lice. I was adorable. I still remember that first afternoon. It was early October, several years ago. I arrived at my mother’s house to pick up my kids for the evening....

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The Reluctant Dance Mom (Part 2)

Back in the fall I wrote about my youngest daughter’s entrance into the world of dance. You can read it here. A soccer mom through and through, I was reluctant to add the “Dance Mom” hat to my collection of ever growing roles and I resisted as long as I could. My tiny dancer, however, made it clear. She wanted to dance. Of course, she loves it. Fast forward to spring and we are preparing for her dance recital. Money has been falling out of my wallet at an ever quickening pace as I pay off the rest of...

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My Top 5 “Are You Kidding Me?” Parenting Moments

Parenting is HARD. If I had to go back and tell my pre-parent self anything about parenting it would be that it is so freaking hard. It’s also incredibly gross and unbelievably exhausting. I’ve been a parent for over 13 years and I’ve definitely had my share of “Oh My God did that really just happen?” parenting moments. Now that my children are growing older I’ve found less of these moments and more “Oh My God this is pure hell” moments. Big kids, big problems, right? Anyway, on a recent date night with my husband we took some time to...

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