Author: Sara Orris

My Top 5 “Are You Kidding Me?” Parenting Moments

Parenting is HARD. If I had to go back and tell my pre-parent self anything about parenting it would be that it is so freaking hard. It’s also incredibly gross and unbelievably exhausting. I’ve been a parent for over 13 years and I’ve definitely had my share of “Oh My God did that really just happen?” parenting moments. Now that my children are growing older I’ve found less of these moments and more “Oh My God this is pure hell” moments. Big kids, big problems, right? Anyway, on a recent date night with my husband we took some time to...

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Winter is Over…Finally

It’s Spring Break for many of us here in Connecticut and the weather is GORGEOUS!! Anyone who knows me (or has read many of my posts) knows that winter is my kryptonite.  I white-knuckle it through most of March just aching for spring to appear. I need longer days, warm sun, and fresh breezes.  I need to be outside and I need iced coffee. Today I drove my girls to the beach to play on the playground and enjoy the beautiful weather. I live a few short miles north of the shoreline so it takes us less than ten...

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The Beauty of Parenting Older Children

The haze of the baby and toddler years is behind me. As much as I sometimes miss a baby to nuzzle, I’m absolutely thrilled to have moved on to the next phase of parenthood. While the majority of my close friends are in this same stage with me (and some are even farther in since they didn’t have that third, bonus child like I did), I do have some friends and family members still trudging through the exhausting hell that is “parenting with littles”. Whenever I spend some time with these families I can’t help but make a mental list of...

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A Day in the Life of a Working Mother: Sara

5:25 AM: Alarm goes off. I usually hit the snooze without even waking up. 5:35 AM: Alarm goes off. This time I wake up, hit the snooze, close my eyes, and seriously debate the cleanliness of my hair. I also attempt to visualize the school lunch menu that is pinned to my kitchen bulletin board. Did the girls want lunch today? Or am I making it? Crap. 5:45 AM: Alarm goes off and I haul myself out of bed. I again debate the cleanliness of my hair this time in front of the bathroom mirror while squinting since I...

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Home Away From Home

In 1999 my husband and I moved to the Washington, DC area so I could attend graduate school. We fell completely in love with the area. We enjoyed the city, the atmosphere of its surrounding suburbs and the people who had become our friends. Upon the completion of my degree we were faced with making our “next step”. My husband was ready to work on his advanced degree, I needed to find a job, and we had to decide if we would renew the lease on our apartment or if we would commit to buying a home. After spending...

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