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Home Away From Home

In 1999 my husband and I moved to the Washington, DC area so I could attend graduate school. We fell completely in love with the area. We enjoyed the city, the atmosphere of its surrounding suburbs and the people who had become our friends. Upon the completion of my degree we were faced with making our “next step”. My husband was ready to work on his advanced degree, I needed to find a job, and we had to decide if we would renew the lease on our apartment or if we would commit to buying a home. After spending...

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Five Things I Love About Winter

My last post focused on why winter is simply not for me. I actually used the word “hate”…in the title.  You can read it here if you need a reminder of how awful this season is for me. Luckily many friends of mine read my miserable post and offered up some good ways to get through the season and some reminded me that there are a few things about winter that aren’t so bad. Today is Valentine’s Day and while I wish it were Easter Day…or Memorial Day…at least it’s a day, stuck in the middle of this cold,...

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Hello Winter, I Hate You

Well here we are in the thick of winter. The excitement of the holiday season is long gone and the beginning of spring is so far off on the horizon it’s not worth even thinking about. Here in Connecticut, our local groundhog, Chuckles, predicted an early spring. However, Punxsutawney Phil did not and everyone knows he’s the “real” groundhog (sorry Chuckles). Phil, I hate you too. Winter, for me, is a big bucket of suck. The days are too short and never get bright enough for me. I look out my window and everything is either gray or brown...

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Confession of a Working Mother: I Bonded With My Last Baby in the Middle of the Night

I gave birth to my final baby at age 35. My other two children were six and eight when she was born so she was stuck with a working mother by day and a mother to two busy school-aged children afternoons, evenings, and weekends.  She spent much of her baby years in her car seat or stroller attending sporting events, school concerts and plays, and all of the various extra-curricular activities and lessons of her older sisters. She was passed from lap to lap, moved from car seat to high chair to swing, all in an attempt to keep...

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Confession of a Working Mother: I Can Do It All…But I Cannot Do It All Well

I have been a working mother for over thirteen years.  Over these years I have always worked more than full time since I have both a full-time career and an additional part-time job. Despite working at least fifty (and sometimes closer to sixty) hours each week, during these parenting years I have also earned an advanced degree, owned and managed a business, volunteered in my community and at my children’s school, and now I write for and manage this website and online community. Oh yeah, I also raised three children to school-aged, washed countless loads of laundry, spent thousands...

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