Author: Sarah Herrick

The One Recipe

Pot lucks are my favorite kind of party because they fit in so well with busy families making time in their schedules to get together and break bread. Pot lucks are the recognition that social gatherings are critical to the health of a community, but moms and dads are BUSY.

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Picture Day Confession

I have a confession to make. I’m that mom. I’m pretty sure my kids come in for picture day and the school staff wonders if they should call us and remind us that it’s picture day so we can drive over with a change of clothes.

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The Art of the Unplanned Birthday Party

The birthday parties we planned were on an epic scale, and because we didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a birthday party, they involved a lot of party preparation, time, and creativity. I had a great time doing it but by the end, I was exhausted.

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Mother’s Day Is Not a Tradition

Mother’s Day is not a tradition in my life. Mother’s Day a living, evolving event that ties the years together with the various mother figures in my life. It’s a dance, a celebration, and at times, an apology. When I was a child, Mother’s Day meant making a card for my mother and grandmothers — and until I was 10, my great-grandmother, who lived with one of my grandmas and taught me how to cheat at solitaire. The cards started with crayon squiggles and eventually turned into little poems and drawings in my childish scrawl, all funky letters and elaborate curlicues. Gifts of sparkly rocks and flowers from the yard turned into macaroni necklaces made at school and then into earnest craft projects that, bless my heart, I was convinced were High Art. My mother was very kind about my efforts. My dad would help my sister and me put together bouquets of flowers from my mother’s garden and we’d bring them to the grandmas, and my parents would give their mothers gifts and cards and flowers, too. As a teen, Mother’s Day started to mean saving up my allowance for a little something from the local gardening store, store bought cards, and remembering to write MOTHER’S DAY on my calendar so I wouldn’t get the date wrong. I got busy with my own life, but we still celebrated...

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