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Kids Give Back

We can’t replace family visits. But we can bring a little love to someone who has lived a full life and is feeling alone at the holidays. I credit this idea to my girls, and they have already started working on this project. They would like to give a handcrafted holiday card to each and every resident of the two facilities where their great-grandmothers now live. We’re looking to collect 200 cards. If we collect more, we’ll share the love to even more local nursing homes. This is a great way for kids of all ages to join together in a community service project that allows them to send some love out into their community.

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Feed Your Joy

Sometimes it feels like a miracle that you or your partner haven’t lost their marbles, sold everything, and fled north to live a life of solitary freedom with a cabin and thirty-two sled dogs.

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Milestones and Memories

8 years and 12 days ago, a ticking time bomb went off in my brain. If you had asked me before it happened if I felt anything coming on, I would have said no.

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you’re neither fish nor fowl when you’re chronically ill

There’s a certain amount of attitude that goes into having a chronic illness. You accept that this is your body and that you have limitations. It really isn’t the kind of situation where you can grit your teeth and pull yourself up by the bootstraps and you will overcome. The American Dream doesn’t work on chronic illness. But you can give your chronic illness a big old middle finger and have fun with the things you can do.

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whose life is this anyway?

Being sick sucks, but it’s led me to the knowledge that I am damn strong and damn determined. It’s brought me creativity and a patience I never would have imagined having, and a collection of very pretty walking canes. I adore my girls and my husband. I wish my daughters hadn’t had to learn how to be helpful and independent so early, but holy moly, they are amazing kids and they both have a maturity level and skill set beyond many of their peers because of it

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