Author: Shawna Kitzman

Lucky for the love of my friends

I’ve always been a social gal, and these days, I’m especially grateful for my friends. They are my anti-anxiety drug, my mood-lifters, my restored faith in humanity. Making plans to look forward to and spending time together negates the other moments that I want to crawl into a blanket fort and hide from reality. Take Michelle, or Sister Mary Sunshine. That’s been her nickname since middle school; she’s a veritable ray of light. She has a buoyant spirit, an effervescent laugh. The day-to-day bullshit doesn’t get in her way of a good time, like playing poker at home with...

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Confessions of a Working Mom: Am I Qualified?

I’m not an awesome mom. Well, sometimes I’m an awesome mom. That’s when I have the right things to say and respond with the appropriate temperament. It’s when I’m at my older daughter’s Principal’s Pride assembly, giving her a thumbs up every time she looks back to verify that I’m still there. It’s when I chaperone my younger daughter’s farm field trip, helping buckle up 16 preschoolers in their bus seats, decorating gingerbread cookies, and cleaning up their messes, all while giving Emmeline a little extra love. It’s when I surprise them with an overnight trip to the water park,...

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My Third Pregnancy, Third Trimester Media Diet

Since Trump’s election, I’ve developed a distaste for the news.  Never a real news junkie, until recently I’d devour NPR while driving and check Facebook regularly to be an informed citizen. But the state of the world is bringing me down, and I need to turn it off. Maybe it’s the hormones. Maybe it’s the profound disappointment in the daily headlines, or the disgust at fake news. I’m listening to pop radio, playlists, and podcasts more and more, logging into Facebook less and less. In the interest of my well-being, I’m limiting my media diet. I may not have my finger...

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The most beautiful word

I think mother is the most beautiful word in the English language. When I think of its beauty and turn it over in my mind, I’m not thinking of myself, but of my own mother. Some days, just the thought of my mom nearby is comforting. I adore her. She enables me to carry out so much of what I want, and need to do, to maintain some level of personal fulfillment. Yes, I’m married to a guy who is both a great husband and dad, but she is my release valve. As a mom of young kids, friends...

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Tales From the Bottom of the Toy Box

I stumbled into a new strategy to reducing holiday spending. It’s related to preparing for another baby. As friends begin to donate car seats and clothes, I’m cleaning out bins, closets, and drawers. Maybe I’m nesting, or maybe I’m just prepping our space for the inevitable flood of baby gear (babies, they roll deep in accouterments). Purging makes me realize how much stuff we have. I’m no pack-rat, but I’m no Marie Kondo either. I find it restorative to periodically take to the closets, junk drawers, and file cabinets, but I can’t commit to dumping everything in a pile in the...

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