Author: Michelle Noehren

My Body, My Choice

I’ve been working on teaching my daughter about consent for a long time, pretty much ever since I thought she could grasp the idea of her being in charge of her own body.

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My Day as a Single Working Mom (in GIFs)

Back in 2013 I wrote a post called My Day as a Working Mom in GIFs. Since then I’ve gotten divorced and while many aspects of my day remain the same, I thought I’d give a little update to reflect the realities of being a single working parent.

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Confessions of a Single Mom

Here’s a glimpse into a few truths of mine from this single parent life. I clean when I have the time and energy but I’ve realized I’ve become someone who runs the dishwasher and doesn’t unload it promptly, let’s the dirty dishes pile up in the sink (and on the counter), eventually unloads the clean dishes and loads the dirty dishes only to realize it’s full and I have to run it again. I don’t even care. There is such little down time in single parenting life and sometimes most days I just don’t have the energy after a...

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My First Christmas Alone

Last night I almost cried while sitting on the couch watching my amazing 5-year-old play with her toys. I’ve been really emotional the past week or so, which I think is in part due to not feeling well but also in part because of some unexpected feelings about the upcoming holiday. I’ve been officially divorced for over a year and a half, even though the marriage was over for a while before that. The first holiday I spent without my daughter was Thanksgiving last year but I was only mildly emotional because a close friend of mine basically made...

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