Kindness & My Three-Year-Old

Jul 22, 2014 by

I had an interesting moment of discovery a few weeks ago. My daughter attends in-home daycare, a place she absolutely loves. Often times they go for an afternoon walk and each day that I pick her up she gives me something new that she collected for me on her walk. Sometimes it’s leaves, sometimes it’s flowers and other times it’s just a random assortment of nature related things.

At first I would hold on to what she gave me but then as this continued to happen Monday through Friday I was kind of getting annoyed. I know that sounds crazy to say when your child is doing a nice gesture but she was really intense about making SURE I put my nature gifts in the car and my car was getting even messier than it already is. I never told her to not collect things for me – it was an internal issue on my part, a silly one in retrospect.

My Bathing Suit Insecurities

Jul 16, 2014 by

I’ve got to admit something. I tend to tell people that I don’t really like the beach and deflect all invitations to do something requiring that I put on a bathing suit. Yes, I bared my stomach for the internet to see but my challenges with accepting and appreciating my body haven’t gone away. I’ve wondered, fairly often, if my fear of being seen publicly in a bathing suit is impacting my ability to give my daughter all the joys of childhood.

She’s been to the beach just a handful of times and each time we’ve gone I’ve had a hard time really enjoying being there with her because I’m always so uncomfortable in my skin. I’d much rather go to the park, playground, farm or anywhere else that doesn’t require me squeezing into a bathing suit.

Guest Post for Us!

Jun 26, 2014 by

Guest post

We’ve generally reserved guest posts for the winter holiday break but now we’re opening ourselves up to occasional pieces from our readers! If you’ve been wanting to share a piece with our wonderful community feel free to email us a submission at [email protected] If selected your post will go live here on the site and be shared on our social media! This is a great opportunity to be part of a special community. ♥

Here are some general guidelines to consider:

  • Being a judgement-free community is incredibly important to us. So please make sure your submission is written in a non-judgmental way.
  • Please keep your submission between 500-750 words. Feel free to include photos!
  • While our core 26 bloggers are from Connecticut, those outside the state may submit guest posts (yay!).
  • No product reviews, endorsements or political posts will be accepted.

Take a Hike

Jun 24, 2014 by

I’ve always loved being in the woods. My dad likes to say that’s because he started bringing me on hikes when I was a little baby, and he continued to do so through adulthood. I feel alive in the woods. I feel comfortable in the woods. I feel peaceful in the woods. My favorite way to exercise is by hitting the trails for a trail run. My husband feels the same way.

We started hiking with our daughter when she was a baby too. We bought one of those hiking backpacks and we’d set her in it and head off. Talk about super cute! To my surprise, the movement of the backpack would actually sway her to sleep.

Recently we went on our first family hike without the backpack. And it.was.awesome.

As we approached the entrance to the trail she kept saying “I LOVE hiking!”

Momfession: I Don’t Enjoy Imaginative Play

Jun 19, 2014 by

As a kid I loved using my imagination. I loved playing with my barbies and doing things like creating cool cardboard houses for them. I loved doing stuff like playing “school” with my friends. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of times when I just let my imagination run wild.

So imagine my surprise that one of my least favorite things to do with my own child is imaginative play.

Take her out to a new-to-us playground? YES!

Have to play dress up for the millionth time while she dictates to me exactly what she wants me to do? Not my favorite.

Head to the pet store after picking her up from daycare to say hi to the dogs in doggy day care and the kittens? YES!

Play “picnic” on her bed with her stuffed animals? Not my favorite.

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