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Confessions of a Single Mom

Here’s a glimpse into a few truths of mine from this single parent life. I clean when I have the time and energy but I’ve realized I’ve become someone who runs the dishwasher and doesn’t unload it promptly, let’s the dirty dishes pile up in the sink (and on the counter), eventually unloads the clean dishes and loads the dirty dishes only to realize it’s full and I have to run it again. I don’t even care. There is such little down time in single parenting life and sometimes most days I just don’t have the energy after a...

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My First Christmas Alone

Last night I almost cried while sitting on the couch watching my amazing 5-year-old play with her toys. I’ve been really emotional the past week or so, which I think is in part due to not feeling well but also in part because of some unexpected feelings about the upcoming holiday. I’ve been officially divorced for over a year and a half, even though the marriage was over for a while before that. The first holiday I spent without my daughter was Thanksgiving last year but I was only mildly emotional because a close friend of mine basically made...

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On our 5-Year Anniversary – A CTWM’s Transition

Today, Sept. 1st is the 5-year anniversary of when CT Working Moms first launched! It’s been such an amazing 5 years. I have learned so much from my fellow writers and our readers and being part of this community has shaped my parenting in more ways that I can name. When I first thought up this website while on maternity leave, I wanted to help create a safe, non-judgmental space online for moms in Connecticut to share stories about their lives and find community. I can happily say that we, all those involved in this community, have done exactly that. Founding and managing this website for 5 years has been an honor and I have had so many experiences that would never have been possible without it. But now it’s time for me to give myself space to work on a new project. So, I am turning over leadership of CT Working Moms to our wonderful writer Sara Orris (who can be reached at She’ll be joined by Jessica Hendrickson who will be her second in command. I’ll still be here, writing happily and managing things on the back end, but I’m excited to hand things over to Sara and see where she brings the site. What’s my new project, you may be wondering? Taking the mission of CTWM’s more local and cultivating a community of kindness in my...

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Lyme Disease, Perfectionism, and a New Normal

I almost cried on the elevator ride up to my office. I am so tired. Like, so, incredibly, deeply tired. All the time. About 6 weeks ago I started to feel really sick. I went to the doctor pretty much right away and I actually said to her “I don’t feel right, something is very wrong.” I’m not a hypochondriac so it felt significant that I needed my doctor to know just how badly I was feeling. Her first instinct was Lyme disease but we started off doing a whole set of blood work to see what we could...

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My Mixed Emotions About My Kid-Free Weekends

I’ve been divorced now for over a year, and separated and living apart for longer than that. For the first several months of navigating shared custody with my ex, I had a very hard time on my weekends alone. I missed my daughter the entire time. I had this deep, aching feeling in my heart and I just couldn’t enjoy those weekends. My biggest fear in getting divorced was missing my daughter. I cried so many tears about that, tears that flowed down my cheeks while crying in bed, in the car and at my desk. It tore me up inside that I’d miss time with her, this little person that I love more than anything on this planet. After a while, I noticed my kid-free weekends getting a little bit easier. The way our custody schedule works, I’m pretty much the primary parent for 2 weeks, all by myself, and then my ex has her every other weekend. I began to cherish having some alone time. As an introvert, working parent and single mom, it began to feel like I could finally breathe and recharge on my solo weekends. Recently the sadness of missing her has been creeping back in. When I drop her off at school on the Friday that her dad will be picking her up, my heart and brain pull me in different directions. My...

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