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What I’m Thankful For Today

First, I need to confess that this post is probably much more for me than it is for you. I’ve got a lot of tough stuff going on in my life right now and this week, in particular, is a stressful, anxiety producing week. I’m trying to think up some ideas to help keep my mind positive and peaceful during this time period and in the spirit of our former writer Kate Street, I decided that each day this week I’m going to write a post about what I’m thankful for. If you’re having a hard time, or even...

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Dear Molly: Here’s What’s Awesome About Raising a Girl

Our writer Molly wrote her post this week about her fear of raising a girl in a society that doesn’t exactly value women. Molly and her wife just found out that they will, in fact, be raising a daughter: “I went in feeling totally fine about either sex, but the news we were having a girl hit me like a ton of bricks. Like she had been diagnosed with increased risk for everything bad, like sexual assault. All I could think about was the catcalling and not being able to walk alone at night and all of the bullshit girls and women constantly put up with. I’m a woman, so’s my wife. We both like it, we both deal with the B.S. that comes along.” As a feminist myself who works on a daily basis to make our state a better place for women (and girls) I completely understand her fear. Each woman reading this has experienced some kind of sexism, harassment and/or oppression in their lives. We know, on a personal level, how being degraded or treated differently for being a woman feels. It feels like total shit. It feels infuriating. It feels unjust (because it is). I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Molly since she was in high school and peripherally watching her grow into the adult, and soon to be parent, she is now. Molly is...

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Moms Are Kind: A Mother’s Day Kindness Challenge

Hey fellow mamas! As you already know, Mother’s Day is fast approaching on Sunday, May 8th. Each year CT Working Moms organizes a kindness campaign leading up to this special day. I personally love doing random acts of kindness any time of the year but doing something around Mother’s Day feels extra special to me. I like the idea of celebrating moms (because MOMS ROCK!) and I like thinking about the day as something that’s not just for me, as one individual mom, but a day for all of us. So each day, from May 1st – May 8th, we’ll...

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This is what the truth looks like: Post-divorce resentment

During the past year I asked my husband for a divorce, sold our family home, lived with 2 friends while waiting to close on my condo, moved into said condo, transitioned my daughter into a new pre-school and began a whole new routine as a single parent. The truth is the past year has been really hard, and while life after divorce has actually been freeing and peaceful in many ways, resentment has been something plaguing me on the daily. I’ve gotten very caught up in feeling completely unappreciated by my ex. I do 100% of the school care,...

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To End Rape Culture We Have to Start With Our Boys

Something really upsetting happened to my daughter this week. She’s 4 and goes to a wonderful childcare center. Her teachers are awesome and the other kids are too. But for the first time something occurred that has left me upset and angry. Turns out that while my daughter was on the school playground she had been playing a game with the boys in the class, some kind of tag game. She decided that she didn’t want to play anymore but the boys (two in particular) kept after her. To the point that they pushed her up against the metal...

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