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Love my BOB stroller!

It’s a bit pricey but I must be honest, I LOVE my BOB running stroller. We use it not only as a running stroller but as our every day stroller. It rolls really smoothly and has shock absorption which is great when the little babe is sleeping soundly and we hit a rocky patch on the sidewalk. I’m pretty sure any of their stroller models will rock your world. We have the BOB Revolution model. Check it out here:...

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“We always joke in our household that the girls have two mommies, that we’re a family, but a different kind of family.  But seriously, I couldn’t be me without [our nanny].  And by the way, she rules with an iron fist.” Katie...

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Taking Care of a Newborn IS Work!

Michelle’s Latest Post for Three weeks ago I “came back” to work. I say “came back” because for the previous 10 weeks I was at home taking care of a newborn and now I’m back at my full-time career. I love the saying, “every mother is a working mother.” Now that I’ve had the experience of being a first-time mother, I relate to that mantra more than ever. Anyone who claims stay-at-home moms aren’t working has clearly never had the experience of caring for an infant. Lillian was born at the end of May (an experience I will likely blog about) and since then I have learned a lot about baby care and just how much work taking care of a newborn really is. Before having her my experience with babies was fairly limited. I love my niece and nephew, but I’ve never had to care for them overnight. I remember that before she was born, I was most worried about how my husband and I would handle the sleep deprivation that seemed inevitable. I also recall saying to someone that I wanted my husband and me to try to care for the baby mostly by ourselves (not having family over too much). Then reality set in. Between the 10 or 12 diaper changes a day, feedings, cleaning up messes made by bodily functions and managing the intense...

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CT Working Moms Blog!

We created this site to serve as a “hub” of all the Connecticut working moms that are blogging about their experiences with mommyhood. You’ll find original blog posts by our bloggers as well as a blogroll on the right-hand side of the homepage that connects you with various mom-related blogs that are ALL Connecticut specific! We also included a Resources tab up top to help connect you with any resources we think might help you navigate your adventures in managing your career and family life. We hope you enjoy the site and find comfort in our online working mom’s...

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