Author: Stacy DeMarco

What if…

I had not felt awesome in weeks. I was exhausted beyond exhaustion.  I was moodier than normal.  My boobs were a little sore every time my kids bumped into me.  And, man, was I bloated.  Every rational part of me knew that it was the new generic birth control that the pharmacy had given me around the same time that the symptoms started.  But another part of me wondered … what if? Now, my husband and I had gone back and forth for years about whether or not to have a third    child. Could we afford it and still...

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The introverted mom

I remember how worried I was when my oldest son turned two years old and had not yet said a single word. He was showing signs of significant developmental delays, and we were working with a speech pathologist and a behaviorist from Birth 2-3.  We often had multiple sessions per week.  I remember how desperately I prayed for him to say something … Anything … And then, he did. Fast forward three years. He has not stopped talking once in those three years.  He talks about anything and everything.  He talks about nothing.  Sometimes, instead of talking, he just...

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Doing this motherhood thing all wrong

I used to wonder how two siblings who grew up in the same household with the same parents could experience their childhood so differently … until I gave birth to my youngest son, Dominic. Although he joined our family only two and half years after my oldest was born, I was quickly struck by what a different mother I was to him. You see, with my first, I did everything “right.” I always dressed him in the cutest matching outfits.  I knew everything that happened to him.  I followed all of the advice from parenting books.  There was no...

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