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A Fresh Start

I’m all about fresh starts. I can’t start a diet on a Thursday, I have to wait until Monday. I can’t stop reading in the middle of a chapter, I have to keep reading to the end so I can start a fresh chapter the next time. So I always look at the start of a new year as a fresh start. I won’t talk about resolutions, because my resolution is the same each year (to lose weight; fingers crossed this is the year) but I do have a few things that I plan to start now that 2013 is upon us. 1. The Schedule Chart– We have a hard time going through the morning routine in my house. Each week day it’s the same, and each week day, my husband and I fight and plead and yell at the boys to follow the routine. We’ve changed it to better suit their needs (eat breakfast, then get dressed) and we’ve incorporated time for playing, but they still don’t move through the morning smoothly and most days it gets us off to a really rough start. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to give the boys a star for each task completed without any fuss. After a certain amount of stars under their name (I haven’t decided how many, 10 to start maybe), they get to choose something from the prize box....

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My Thoughts During the Newtown Shooting

I wrote the following last Friday afternoon. I work from home so was glued to the TV and social media during the time that my kids were at school. Thinking back on it, and maybe it seems selfish now, but I was focused on Max. But that’s what made the whole ordeal so awful for all of us, right? Knowing now that it truly can happen anywhere, to anyone. It doesn’t just happen to adults, it happens to children. My heart is broken for those parents who lost their children, whether they were 6 years old or 30 years old. Their lives changed forever and nothing can take that pain away. But life had to go on in our house over the weekend. We baked Christmas cookies and put Ben in time out after several epic tantrums but it was always under this cloud, this haze. My boys are young so we didn’t talk to them about Friday’s events at all, so to them, it was just another weekend. But for all of us adults, there was a piece of us missing…a piece we didn’t even know was there in the first place.  Please remember, I wrote this on Friday before all the details were final so there may have been changes to the actual events since then. Friday, December 14 As I’m writing this I’m sitting here watching...

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Yoga for Children with Special Needs

My boys have been taking yoga in some way since they were babies. We were lucky enough that our child care center offered it as part of the curriculum so even infants were visited by a trained yoga professional. I also took a park and rec yoga class many years ago that I absolutely loved. It really relaxed me and provided me with a nice quiet space to clear my head…before I truly needed one. For a few years I’ve been looking for a parent/child class to take with Max. We both run at a high level of stress and anxiety and I wanted a way for us to connect and  was also looking for techniques to help us both take a minute to regroup and change focus when needed. He really responded to the class at daycare and I felt he needed more. Enter blogger extraordinaire Dena Fleno. She sent me an article about Lucy Rosenblatt and the yoga classes she runs for children with special needs. I contacted Lucy right away and Max and I started attending class the very next week. Lucy’s class for younger children is technically for children with Autism. Max is not on the Autism Spectrum, but his differences are very similar and after telling Lucy about Max, she felt he’d fit in well. I didn’t quite know what to expect for the...

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Special Needs Gift Giving

‘Tis the season for giving gifts and I’ve found a few lists that may help. First up is a list from Love that Max that lists gifts that benefit both kids and adults with special needs. Another one I’d add is the Centerville Pie Company. After Oprah named their chicken pies as one of her favorite things, their production needs significantly increased. They partnered with another Cape Cod organization Cape Abilities and now employ over 30 differently-abled individuals at their bakery. I’m thinking the buffalo chicken pie would be the perfect gift for my husband. New Year’s Day football treat anyone? The next list is a list of gift ideas for kids who have special needs. Again, it is from Love that Max, but is actually a compiled list of suggestions from her blog readers, Twitter followers and Facebook fans…most of whom have children with special needs. Many times, it’s hard to choose toys and games because things that are supposed to be age appropriate actually are not. Nor do toy packages identify if they are good for fine motor skills or for improving motor planning for example. This list does that for you. Having parents who know how important play is to not only help a child feel joy and simply have fun, but reinforce the skills he has been working so hard on is kind of priceless. That Laugh and...

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Writing a Will

You know how there’s always something you know you should get to, but you never do? It nags at you every once in a while, but it just never seems like the right time. There’s always an excuse. Working out. Vacuuming under the couch. Cleaning out the freezer. Writing a will. Updating the baby book. Hold the phone…writing a will? That’s not something people put off. That’s something you do at the very least as soon as you have kids, right? Well wrong. My husband and I don’t have a will (or wills…are we each supposed to have one?). Either way, I know it’s time to put something together. It has nothing to do with our finances, because Lord knows those are sparse. It has everything to do with our boys. Who would they live with if something happened to both me and my husband? That’s the question that’s been holding us up. We purchased a Writing Wills for Dummies book or computer software, I can’t remember which one now. But because we have Max, one of those “insert name here” type of will making aids just doesn’t fit for us. Sure, he’s ok now, but we have no idea what his future holds. We don’t know if he’ll go to college or be able to live on his own. We just don’t know how to plan for him....

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