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One Dozen Reasons Vacations with an Only are Grand

A popular worry in only-child families is what to do about vacations. I mean, will the kid be spreading news of the #worsttimeever without a similar-ager to share in the memory-making? Actually, no. Here are one dozen reasons to like traveling as a one-child family. 1. When you need to fly, or are booking lodging that charges per person, or getting those amusement park tickets or simply dining out, having three instead of four or more saves a lot of moolah (extra away day, anyone?). 2. When booking that Coastal Maine motel with the breathtaking ocean view a little...

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Triangles Everywhere

A common inquiry in “only child” Facebook groups is about where other members are from, as lonely posters hope to make a local connection with the same family dynamic. I know well that it can seem as if every other family out there is a four-or more, as I was once in the same spot. But as my own outlook changed and I began to appreciate the triangle that is our family, not only did I start to see the less positive aspects of “squares,” I also began seeing lots of other triangles. And now, a few years later,...

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Play Date Pursuit: 5 Missteps to Avoid

When you’re a mama to an only, particularly one with a diagnosis for which social deficits go hand-in-hand, it’s easy to become a bit obsessed with scheduling time for him to hang with friends. Martin Luther King Jr. Day–that one January school holiday and a day when my office is closed–has been a great day for a play date. But the stakes are high, since there are no “how about tomorrow’s” built in. Over the years, I’ve learned some lessons about how NOT to be successful in providing my kid–who is well liked–with a friendship experience on those treasured...

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