Creating Our Own Traditions

Apr 21, 2014 by

Growing up, my parents weren’t much for traditions; particularly, western traditions. We were a religious family, attending church on Sunday and participating in the fellowship that followed, and while we did exchange gifts at Christmas without ever referring to “Santa Claus” in any way, the concept of an Easter basket or a Christmas stocking was one that my parents either had no interest in, or didn’t know much about.


Easter bubbles!!!

When my kids were born, I was determined not to succumb to the “excess” that these goodie-bags bring about. I declared in the first year that I was not going to fill stockings or baskets full of unnecessary loot. At “Baby’s First Christmas”, we hung stockings that never got filled – we have yet to fill the stockings with anything as I honestly just like the way it looks hanging from the fireplace mantle more than anything else. The first two years of my kids’ lives, the Easter Bunny was just a terrifying creature that we would see at the mall. This year, however, I changed my mind and decided that the Easter bunny was going to become part of our annual family tradition.

Losing Wawa

Apr 15, 2014 by


A wave of panic set over me.

“Where’s Wawa?” I ask, turning whatever is within my reach over to see if it’s hiding underneath.

Little B looks at me teary eyed, “I lost it.”

“When did you last have it?”

“I don’t know. Bubba had it.”

I look over at Bubba, who pretends not to hear us. “Hey, Bubba. Where’s Breebree’s Wawa?”

“I dunno…” I shoot my little guy the hairy eyeball, as he promptly turns over, ignoring us.

Mommy’s Chicanery

Apr 7, 2014 by

A few weeks ago, we hit a milestone. It was a long overdue milestone because my kids have been ready for a long time; I just wasn’t ready to pull the plug. We DITCHED THE PULLUPS at night. For most parents, this would be a celebratory milestone. For me, it’s been something to look upon disdainfully.


My woes don’t stem from the fact that my kids are wetting their beds. In fact, it’s much the opposite – they have woken up dry every single morning. My woes stem from the fact that I made a big deal of removing the pullups, telling them that they can’t pee at night (BAD MOMMY!), thus creating some insecurities that haunt active toddler brains.


A Story About A Store That Lives Up To Its Motto (AKA: Shopping Cart Update)

Mar 31, 2014 by


Stew Leonard’s Motto: The Customer Is Always Right. A rare picture of my kids from the front – clearly my kids were not amused – my girl was annoyed at all the picture-taking, and my boy was screaming, “You promised me ice cream!!!” Photo property VLS.

Short version: THEY LISTENED!!! Stew Leonard’s listened to what you all had to say about the terrible double shopping carts and purchased some AWESOME carts!!

Long version: Back in January, I kicked off the new year with a rant about double shopping carts. In it, I called out my disappointment in Stew Leonard’s (Stew’s), a store whose motto is “The Customer is Always Right!” for seemingly not listening to moms who have repeatedly complained about the carts. As part of that story, I and CT Working Moms went on a mission to bring some attention to the issue, resulting in (more than) several thousand hits on the story, multiple re-shares on Facebook, and almost 3,000 “likes” on the post itself. Read the comments on the original post and you’ll see that it’s a widespread issue amongst moms with little kids.

Happiness Is…

Mar 24, 2014 by


…the joy in experiencing Mother Nature’s miracles: a tiny frog found in “Daddy’s Garden” (Photo property of VLS)

I recently saw a documentary on Happiness. In it, they profiled a man living in a third world country who worked as a factory worker. His pay was barely enough to provide shelter in a tent city for his family and just enough food to sustain his family when supplemented by the items pilfered from the local trash pile. And yet, he was genuinely happy – he was happy because he had a stable job; he was happy because his family had shelter and food; he was happy because everyone was healthy and safe; he was happy because to him, his life had meaning.

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