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Hitting the Jackpot

I feel like I just hit the jackpot because… I JUST WROTE MY LAST DAYCARE CHECK!!!!! I just instantly got a raise because next year, my children will be going to Kindergarten in our public school. While our school district charges a fair amount of participation fees for things like sports (i.e. “pay to play”), it doesn’t even come close to the cost of paying two concurrent daycare tuition fees. How much of a raise did I get?? Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to tally the fees and see how much I averaged per month. Keep in mind that I had the double...

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Teetering on the Edge…

I’m teetering 2 millimeters from falling over the edge…I’m driving myself bonkers. If you recall, one of my big decisions last year was whether I was going to hold my kids back from kindergarten. I hemmed and hawed about it, and long story short, I held them back for a variety of good reasons. One of the benefits of doing so, among many other benefits, was that I gave myself another year to “figure it all out.” I even wrote a post last year, in which articulated how much I was dreading the eventual reality of being a working mom with school-aged kids. And now, here we are now in May and I am here at that very spot I was dreading. I am now forced to make some big decisions, specifically: 1) Where will my kids go after school? (I have these pictures in my head of my kids getting on the WRONG BUS and ending up who-knows-where…) 2) What activities are my kids going to take part in next year? 3) Can I handle it logistically? (AACK!!!!!) The answer to number 1 is easy, sort of. I’ve already put a deposit down on an afterschool care program at the Y, but all this does is give me the peace of mind that if I don’t get my act together with all the other extracurricular activities, that they have a place to go...

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You’re a Grand Ole Flag

A few weeks back, my kids noticed a flag flying at half-staff and asked why the flag wasn’t flying at the top of the pole. As I was describing the different “rules” associated with flying our flag, it occurred to me that this would be a great post, as Memorial Day and summer approach – these are all great guidelines to teach your kids. There are many flag traditions that are not observed broadly by the general public even though, in theory, they are supposed to be. I have included some of those rules below in addition to rules for...

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A Television Trip Down Memory Lane

The other day, I was having a conversation with my kids about television – I explained how when we were kids, there was no such thing as a “kids’ channel.” Kids’ shows used to be scheduled in the channel lineup between the VHF channels of 2-13, and come on at a certain time each day. If you missed your show, you were outta luck. Saturday mornings (remember Saturday morning cartoons when you’d help yourself to cereal and plop yourself in front of the TV wayyyyyyyyy before your parents woke up?) were really the only time you could sit for HOURS...

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This Is What the Truth Looks Like: Getting Older

I used to say that things get better with age; certainly, I felt like I got better with age because I was more mature, more accomplished, had lived more of my life and seen what it has to offer, and was more aware of what really counts. This was true until it came to having kids. I started my journey as a mom later in life – I was two weeks shy of 38 years old when my twins were born. Already, this put me in the “Advanced Maternal Age” category even before I left the gate. When I had my...

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