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My Hero

Being a teenager is rough. Fitting in and being liked is something that everyone struggles with, even the “popular” kids. I hated this gorgeous field hockey chick for some ridiculous reasons I do not even recall. And she hated me. There was one day that we were forced to cross paths in the girls locker room at school. We were the only two people in there. She was crying, and I was crying. We saw each other and ended up in an embrace, and as it turns out, we were both crying over boys. From that day 22 years ago, we moved forward as best friends and haven’t looked back. Sure, we have had periods of time where we lost touch, or we have not seen each other, or even long periods where we have wanted to connect but just have not been able to. But the same always remains true, we reconnect and we do so with such power and love, that it feels like no time has passed. She sees me, like really, really sees me. More than anyone else ever has, or I have even seen myself. I have always known the beautiful person that she truly is too. I do not mean beauty in the physical sense, but damn, she really is pretty too. I mean beauty in the sense of being an amazing force of a...

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Social Media: The Downfall of Me

Social media can be the devil, do you feel me? Now don’t get me wrong, it has some really great benefits too. I too am one of those social sellers that will use Facebook and Instagram as my platform to introduce products. It reaches a large audience of people who I do not interact with on a regular basis in person, and pretty much everyone I know uses at least one of these. It is also a neat way to keep tabs on family that you do not get to see often. You get to see pictures of their...

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Confession of a Working Mom: My Kid Thinks I’m Super Mom

My husband and I feel so fortunate that our kids are enrolled in a daycare where the teachers upload photos throughout the day of what they are doing. Coming from our previous situation, we love being able to see their smiling faces throughout the day, and see the fun that they are having. A few weeks ago, I was at work and did my usual check to see if any pictures had been uploaded. I came across a cute picture of the class with the title  “PJ Day.” It was then that I realized, HOLY SHIT, I forgot that it...

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Finding the Silver Lining

October was a very interesting month for me. I ran my very first half marathon, which athletically is the hardest thing I have ever done. The very next weekend, I broke my right leg in a soccer game. This is the first time in 30 years of playing soccer and being an athlete that I have been injured. We are not talking the, “I broke my leg and have a cast and can resume normal life a couple of days later” kind of break either. I broke my leg so severely that I needed surgery to repair it. I’ll...

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October 8th is about ME

October 8th is all about ME. On October 8th I run my very first half marathon. Over the last few months, my friend and I have spent many hours running. We ran together, and I have run alone. I have: Ran. Sweat. Cried. Complained. Supported. Listened. Bitched. Given up. Motivated. Been motivated. Gotten hurt. Self-doubted. Seen dead animals. Hated my body. Loved my body. Lost weight. Built muscle. Pushed a double stroller. Shared many laughs with my boys. Been motivated by my boys. Been mad at my boys. Ran one mile. Ran 10 miles. In the middle of it...

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