Blogger Name: Bev

Bio: Bev is a 49½ year old Capricorn whose horoscope says she’s a control freak with a kind and caring nature. Her daughters are Gillian, 16, and Izzy, 12. Bev and her best friend compare notes on parenting daughters versus sons of the same age and have decided that Bev came out with the short end of the stick; girls are harder as teens/tweens!

Bev’s a political director for a union but would be happy to stick to blogging, where overt politics are strictly off limits. She travels a lot around New England, so she feels that she basically has a great job that is impossible to do well.

Bev is a single mom who divorced her girls’ father four year ago. “Divorce sucks.” Not a day goes by that she doesn’t hope that her daughters’ resilience and their loving natures will guide them through what has essentially become two separate lives. Bev met her current boyfriend online and sees the potential for humor in the fact that she and her sixteen-year-old are dating at the same time. Fortunately, Bev has mastered a few relationship hurdles by now, so she finds herself in a good position to help her daughter.

Bev loves to write and is looking forward to blogging about being a working mom with older kids.