Working Dads

Oct 30, 2012 by

Katie’s last few posts have been about the difference between men and women, moms and dads. And while I agree whole heartedly about the dreaded man cold, I wonder, is there that much of a difference between working mothers and working fathers? Take last week for instance. In a reversal of roles for my house, I was traveling for work, and my husband was left to juggle the school bus, child care, work routine.

Wrangling Max at the bus stop.

Wednesday: Wednesdays are half days in my town so Max gets off the bus at 1:45ish. Since I work from home, I usually greet him, get him a snack then settle him in with books, homework or the iPad (most often of combination of all three) for a while until it’s time to pick up his brother at child care. Since I wouldn’t be home, and my husband couldn’t leave work early to meet the bus, he arranged for his father to take care of Max for the afternoon. He did have to leave slightly earlier than he normally does to pick up Ben at child care by 5:15 p.m.

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Not Your Average Support Group

Oct 23, 2012 by

The Epilepsy Foundation of CT runs a parents of children with epilepsy support group. I was thrilled to discover this when I moved here because MA didn’t have one. Unfortunately, it’s not very well attended…in fact, I’ve only made it to one meeting since May because of other obligations or a lack of babysitter. And the people who do attend are friends on Facebook, so we kind of chat all the time anyway. Just this past weekend, some of us were discussing the lack of attendance and how to improve the group.

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Out One Ear

Oct 16, 2012 by

This Special Needs Tuesday, I wanted to share with you a post from Linda Atwell’s blog, Out One Ear. I found the blog on Twitter when she shared it with another blogger I love, Kelle Hampton.

I hope you enjoy her story and share in the joy she feels about the marriage of her daughter, who happens to have special needs to a man who does as well.

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Milk in Champagne Glasses

Oct 9, 2012 by

The other night at dinner, a Monday night mind you, I asked my husband if he wanted to enjoy a glass of wine during dinner. As I was getting out the wine glasses, Ben asked if he could use a wine glass too. I immediately said no. Our wine glasses are very thin and would break easily if dropped. He didn’t really whine about it, just asked why not. I explained why and he was fine with it. But then I thought to myself, self, this is a time to be a fun mom. Just make them happy.

So I busted out the box of plastic champagne flutes we got the day we moved into our house, and poured the boys’ milk into them. They were thrilled and it was a really nice, relaxed, fun dinner. I’m so glad I said yes for a change.


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Embracing the Chaos

Oct 2, 2012 by

Phew. The past few weeks have been crazy. Hectic. Busy. Chaotic. There have been so many doctors’ appointments, school meetings, after-school activities, half days, school holidays, fights with the insurance company, work meetings and important projects, tears, arguments, unhealthy meals, etc.  I wake up in the morning and am “on.” Checking email, making breakfast, getting to the bus stop on time. Sometimes I get to take a shower, sometimes I don’t. Then I work, get Max off the bus and the day goes on, with more work in the evenings. It’s the same with every working parent, but throw in multiple doctors’ appointments a week and extra school meetings and there are just so many balls to keep in the air. I was about to crack.

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Talking to Children About Death

Sep 25, 2012 by

Ben was only 17 months old when my grandfather (Poppy) passed away. In fact, Ben caused a bit of chaos the day of the funeral because he spiked a fever, which meant he couldn’t go to child care that day. So, I did what any good mom does…I gave him some Tylenol, packed my bag full of snacks, put him in a stroller and prayed he wouldn’t be too noisy.  Lucky for me, and everyone else at church, he slept through the whole mass and stayed with my mother in law during the burial.

Now when I say I prayed for him to stay quiet, I use that as a figure of speech. My husband and I were raised Catholic, but we are not practicing and don’t actually believe in much of what that particular religion teaches. We celebrate Christmas and Easter, but strictly from a Santa Claus and Easter Bunny standpoint. Sure, sometimes I miss the pomp and circumstance of mass (especially on Christmas Eve because I love the music) and find myself wondering if the community of a church is something that would benefit my family, but there have not been many, if any, times that I feel lacking without religion.

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