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Texts With My Daughters

I think one of the best perks of having older kids is that they now have cell phones. I know, the cost is no fun but I really love knowing that I can talk to my kids anytime I need to…I also love that some of our most hilarious, serious, or irritating conversations are actually in writing.

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A Child’s First Word

You always wonder what your child’s first word is going to be. Mom’s always hoping that “mama” is first, dad’s always hoping “dada” is first – and don’t get me started on the extended relatives! But when your child is non-verbal, the reality is you’ll take anything they can muster to say on any level. 

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Me Too

As I looked at my feed throughout the day, I longed desperately for the strength to write “Me too,” but I was paralyzed by fear and still have not been able to bring myself to write those two simple words.

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The Pain of Mutually Divorcing

I never imagined the pain that would follow jointly making the decision to divorce. The decision was so raw, so authentic, so true, so right, so freeing. I felt high. I felt like my new life was in the palm of my hands, waiting to be molded. I never really thought about the pain that would creep up on me.

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Thicker Than Water

If you or a loved one is suffering from problems with drugs, alcohols, gambling, depression, postpartum or anything else that ails the soul – please know there is help and there is hope. No one is alone, no matter how down they feel.

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Leaning In Challenge

I am working on leaning inward and leaning into. Leaning inward to me is really working on connecting, focusing and being accountable. I am starting to work on creating a habit of leaning inward for me and into my family at home.

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Traveling Alone: Feeling Vulnerable

And then the last night of my visit, I woke up to someone turning the door handle on my hotel room door on the interconnecting door, which of course was locked but still. It was probably just a kid or something……..I’ve never felt scared before – scared about traveling alone. Scared about losing everything I have, not seeing my family, scared about not seeing my kids grow up.

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