Bio: A Connecticut girl through and through, Emily has lived in four CT counties and currently resides in Norwalk with her husband and baby daughter.  Life has taken her on a strange journey from Economics major at Smith to PhD candidate (and likely ABD lifer) at UConn to school psychologist at a large public high school.   Aside from spending time with family and counseling adolescents, Emily enjoys playing the piano, watching HGTV, and soaking in all things figure skating.  Although she hardly considers herself an expert at any aspect of child rearing, Emily is looking to simply share her experiences with other moms who are also stumbling through this journey.

Tip for new moms: “IT’S OK not to fall in love right away.  IT’S OK not to enjoy every moment.  IT’S OK to cry.  IT’S OK to ask for help.  Know that with every night waking, diaper change, and feeding, you are doing an amazing job.  Don’t get too caught up in the long term for now.  Take it day by day – it will get better!”

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