Winner: Janina McGrath, East Hartford, CT

(Pictured: Janina and her kiddos)

This is what her friend Heather had to say:

“My friend Janina is the most organized, energetic mom I know. She not only works full-time, but she manages the daily activities of her home and the lives of her children and husband. She’s the co-president of the PTA as well as a soccer coach, sideline cheerleader, and full-time taxi driver. When she’s not driving the kids from one event to the next she is baking cookies, brownies and whatever else the kids schools ask whether it’s for PTA or school activities. She’s always first in line to volunteer and offer her time, attention and kindness to the lives of her children as well as their classmates. She works hard at her job and even harder when it comes to making her children’s lives rich and rewarding.”

Congrats, Janina! You ARE one rockin’ momma!