Blogger Name: kimhynes

Bio: Kim lives in Woodbridge, CT with her husband, Aldon, daughter, Fiona (born in October ’01), dog, Wesley, and cat, Reilly. She is the senior organizer with Common Cause in Connecticut – when she isn’t working on social justice and democracy issues, she spends time trying to recreate the fabulous meals her mom and grandma used to make. Discussions at the dinner table at Kim’s house are always interesting – and vary between teaching the 9-year-old what collective bargaining is and hilarity over the latest Doctor Who escapade.

Favorite Pediatrician: Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine (Orange, CT)

Favorite Daycare Provider: Nana and Papa

Tip for Other Working Moms: “Your kids will remember interesting conversations at the dinner table far longer than they will remember that the floors needed sweeping. Breaking bread together as a family – even if it is pizza from around the corner is a vital way of bonding at the end of the day.”