We LOVE our readers. Here’s what you love about us:

I love CTWorkingMoms.com because learning about how other moms handle the challenges of balancing a family and a career is both reassuring and helpful as I prepare to re-enter the workforce. – Sarah

I was drawn to this blog because of its honesty, diverse topics, and that there really is something on here for every mom! In some ways it is like a support group because you read someone else’s experience and find you can relate in some way! – Carly

I’m so grateful to have found this site. There are so many different perspectives and while we all may come from different viewpoints on any given topic, it’s so obvious that everyone who contributes to this site just wants what’s best for their families. Just wants to be a good mom, a good friend, a good wife, a good employee… a good person. I love it.

I love the support, advice and humor ct working moms provides. I’d be lost without their guidance! – Melissa

When you read the other mommy posts, you realize that you are not alone in these situation. – Sofia

I LOVE this site because I read about other people’s lives and realize I am fairly normal after all! – Sunflower Heaven

I love that it brings parents from around Connecticut together. I also love the variety of voices and variety of topics. The daily themes are great, I take particular interest in Special Needs Sunday. All of us juggling work and kids are amazing, but I say a special prayer for parents of children with special needs. – Jim (CTdad.com)

I love the “day in the life of a working mom” series.  It’s good to hear that we all survive the daily challenges. – Louise Casinelli Ryon

I love all the yummy recipes, great advice and inspiration that ctworkingmoms gives. – Patty

I discovered this blog a few weeks ago and I love love love reading it! I am a mother of 2 (2 and 3 months old) and I work full-time away from the house. Keep up the great work! – Polly

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