Winner: Donna Fenter, Griswold CT

Pictured: Donna in her garage with many of the items she collected for donation. Photo credit: Norwich Bulletin

So many people have been affected by hurricane Sandy and Donna took it upon herself to help out those in need. After learning about the devastation in NY, Donna organized donations from friends and her local community in Griswold, CT and packed up her car full of baby wipes, first-aid kits, shovels, paper towels and the like. She knows many people in coastal NY that have received little more than flashlights and water from the government agencies that have been offering help, so she wanted to bring items like baby-wipes so that families could clean themselves and their children. We love how Donna took immediate action to help others in need and love that she thought outside of the box with the type of items to bring.

Thank you for being such a wonderful example of human kindness and compassion. You truly are a Rockin’ Mama!