DIY Hair Clip Tutorial!

Aug 28, 2014 by

A major rite of passage occurred in our family today.  A milestone worthy of being written down.  A day every mother of a baby girl dreams of.  My daughter, Olivia Marie, finally grew enough hair to be held back by a tiny baby hair clip.  OMG YES!!!!!  Cue the cutesy girlie emojis!  Post that ish up on instagram! Tweet the heck out of it!  And for the love of all things frilly, post it up on FACEBOOK!  Can you tell I’m excited?

hair clip

The Realist

Aug 28, 2014 by

My girls (like many of your kids) started school yesterday. Olivia in kindergarten and Audrey in pre-k 3. Like many of you, I am in shock and disbelief that this is happening and that they are old enough to be in a real school learning real things and personing around like real persons.

First day of school!

As my husband and I walked the girls to the front entrance of their new school, we were greeted by smiling teachers, music and a giant wolf. Yes, Sonar, the mascot from the Hartford Wolf Pack was on hand to help welcome the students to a brand new school year.

Image courtesy of Hartford Wolf Pack

Our conversation went a little like this:

Audrey: Why is there a wolf here?
Me: He’s happy! He’s a friendly wolf here to welcome you!
Audrey: You didn’t tell me there would be a wolf.
Me: I didn’t know.
Audrey: I’m not talking to that wolf.
Olivia: {eye roll}

What I’ve Learned About Being Gay…

Aug 28, 2014 by

that I will teach my children about being black.


  • Never assume you are not welcome somewhere before assuming that you are. Give people an opportunity to surprise you. Give them an opportunity to surprise themselves.
  • You count. Your vote counts, your presence counts, your dollar counts. Don’t support something you don’t support. Don’t like something? Work to change it. I’ll work with you.
  • Your differences are gifts that you have been given, even on the days they feel like your curse. Differences can bring shame, fear, and danger, but also a pride that you wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to know.
  • It is not right or fair that we must educate and model our lives for others, but it is your choice to make it a burden or an honor.
  • If people hate you, it’s only because they don’t know you. Never apologize for who you are.

Back to School with Whole Foods!

Aug 28, 2014 by

We at CT Working Moms have a love affair with Whole Foods. We love highlighting them and love that they’re a family friendly grocery store. Did you know that when you enter Whole Foods if you go to the customer service desk they usually have a juice box and snack for your children (for FREE)? I actually just recently discovered that because a very friendly employee mentioned it to me as I passed by! Now I take advantage of that every time I’m in the store and it keeps my daughter happy and quiet while I get a little shopping done.

I was recently chatting with my friend at Whole Foods Glastonbury (the location closest to me) and learned that they sell back-to-school items. I honestly had no idea! They sell backpacks, lunchboxes and even have snacks that are perfect for the school day.

Back to School Blues?

Aug 27, 2014 by

This is my first week back to work after the summer off.  I know you are all thinking, “Gee Cora, way to rub it in.”  Honestly?  I hate the summer off schedule.  I’d so rather go to school year round.  [Wanna know more?  Check out this link.]  One of the biggest reasons I hate the schedule is because of the head-game educators end up playing.  In no other profession that I can think of do you have to start and stop every single year.  It forces you to have a much different focus to everything you do.  This feeling is only heightened by the fact that I work in a school that only has one grade.  So the start of the school year is always difficult for me.  The level of energy you have to sustain at the beginning of the school year after two months of sustaining minimal energy is a challenge.

Reasons Our Kids Cry

Aug 27, 2014 by

About a year ago, my son (2 years old at the time) had a full blown tantrum because he had applesauce on his fingers. I thought this was so absurd that I had to take a picture of it, and to this day, it still makes me chuckle. Apparently I was not alone in finding this type of situation comical. There are multiple websites (and even a book) featuring devastated-looking children freaking out for ridiculous reasons.  Don’t get me wrong, I do not find it funny when my children are sad; I do not stick a camera in their face when they get hurt. HOWEVER, when my 3 year old throws a fit because I told him that no, he cannot put chocolate chips in my salad, I can’t help but find it amusing. And I think we’ve all had that moment in the grocery store when our child is screaming for Sponge Bob fruit snacks and we feel like yelling “Hey!  Fellow shoppers!  My kid is not really a spoiled brat, I swear!”

Back to School (In Gifs)

Aug 27, 2014 by

My daughter went back to preschool today!  I did enjoy summer with my family, but my daughter is the type of kid who needs school and structure and lovely, patient people to teach her stuff. Parents, you know it is quite a process just getting to this big day. There is back to school clothes shopping.  My daughter loves to shop and ran and spun around excitedly through the aisles of Old Navy wanting to buy practically everything.  She was in her glory.

running wildly

Then there is grocery shopping.  I had to go out with the kids to amass a vast arsenal of food for snacks and lunches.  I dislike grocery shopping by myself on a good day, let alone with a toddler and a baby.  It is difficult to stick to the task at hand because there are a lot of distractions and shenanigans always ensue.

grocery shopping

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