Trending: YouTube Videos for Minecraft Gamers

Oct 30, 2014 by

Son: “Mom, I need your iPad.”

Me: “Why? Are you finished playing XBox?”

Son: “I need to look something up on the iPad so I can play Minecraft.”

Me: Confused look

So, this is the new thing.  You don’t just play a video game anymore.  One gaming device is not enough.  Children are now watching videos on YouTube of other kids (usually teenagers and college-age boys) playing video games.  Yes, you heard correctly – they watch videos of people playing video games.  This is the adult equivalent of watching someone watch a TV show.  It makes no sense to me.  Yet, the littles are mesmerized by these teenage gamers running from Minecraft zombies or Mario  racing away in his little cart.

My Mom Halloween Costume

Oct 29, 2014 by

Are you excited for Halloween?


I’ve never been a huge Halloween fan.  The whole concept seemed silly to me.  Why would you want to dress up as someone else and walk around begging for food?  Ok, so I dumbed it down a bit, but you know what I mean.  This year the girls seem to be excited about it more than usual.  Kitten is older now so she understands it better and for whatever reason they are super pumped about their mom-made M&M costumes.  (They look pretty cute if I do say so myself.) And I’m very happy that they won’t be one in a sea of 50, 000 Elsas this year.  BORING!

Seeing them excited about their costumes got me thinking about costumes in general.  After all, Halloween is a great time to pretend to be someone you’re not.  A superhero, a princess, a fairy, or a doctor.  The possibilities are endless.  If I was going to pretend to be someone I wasn’t who would I be?

5 Party Planning Ideas for the Busy Mom

Oct 29, 2014 by

Holiday season is almost here and I have parties and family gatherings on the mind!  I am also busy preparing for a family reunion at our house next week, so there’s that.  If you are like me, once I had kids and a home of my own I became more inclined to celebrate the holidays or even hosting a night with friends at our place.  I am no Martha Stewart, but I have always loved to entertain since I grew up with a mother that was awesome at pulling off large Italian feasts, sometimes with very little notice, in our home. I also look at gatherings as my way of giving back to family and friends.  I may suck at remembering birthdays but welcoming people into our home and feeding them is my way of saying “Thanks for being awesome.” It is a little harder organizing shindigs these days but this is what I try to do to make it simple.  I am always looking for new ideas, so share your planning tips too.

Negative Nancy

Oct 29, 2014 by

I’ve got to tell you, I’m totally freaking out about the future. My future, my child’s future. Maybe I’m being dramatic or overly anxious, but I am spending more and more time thinking about how humanity is crumbling and the fact that we are destroying our planet.

I think about it with every new item I bring into my house, and every piece of garbage that I throw away. Where is all of this garbage going? How much of our trash is filled with stuff that will never break down or be recycled? And what about our food and cosmetics? I can’t help but think that we are ingesting and slathering on poisonous products. I’m hyper-aware of bad people: dishonest, scamming, scumbags and creepy predators. I’m starting to feel like I’m borderline obsessing about state of our environment, pollution, and the possibility of pandemics or war.

 "Teddy Bear"  Photo: Geraint Rowland

“Teddy Bear”
Photo: Geraint Rowland

Letting My Daughter Make Her Own Choices (Even When This Makes Me Cringe)

Oct 29, 2014 by

Last year my then 2-year-old decided to be an electrician for Halloween (like her daddy). I was over-the-moon about this! Working in the field of women’s rights, I know that girls are often steered away from non-traditional jobs/fields even though they are more likely to provide higher wages and better economic stability. So when my girl picked electrician as her choice of costume I got on board immediately. I ordered her a tool belt and construction hat and she even wore some safety glasses. She loved it and I beamed with pride thinking of my little girl bucking gender stereotypes at such a young age.


Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Oct 28, 2014 by


I have spent the last twenty-gulp-one years working as a social worker in the field of violence against women and children.  It’s been more than a couple of decades of learning about the worst of the worst of what human beings are capable of doing to each other, often to those they claim to love.  I’ve also been blessed to watch and witness the incredible tenacity and resilience of the human spirit.  It’s been my honor, really, to watch lives magnificently blossom when given the freedom to live.  In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I wanted to offer a few of the things I’ve learned over the years that I would want anyone and everyone to know.

5 Things I Swore I Would Never Do as a Parent (But do all the Time)

Oct 28, 2014 by


I had a very specific vision of the type of parent I wanted to be. And then I became a parent and was smacked in the face with reality. I still have the same basic core values and I won’t budge on those. But then there’s everything else. I will be the first to admit, many of the things I swore I would never do I do now because it’s just plain easier. Yes. I take the easy way out. A lot. Here are a few examples…


Use TV as a babysitter

Pre-Mom: My child will never sit in front of the television. My child will use educational toys to entertain himself. We will spend our time together reading books, doing puzzles, and having intelligent conversations.

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