Go. To. Sleep.

Nov 25, 2014 by

Dear Zoey,

Go the f*%k to sleep.

I’m sorry that we were clueless first-time parents. We had no idea what the consequences of not sleep training you would be. Can you blame us? You cried so hard you kept barfing in your crib. Ew. Here we are 6 years later and you still need mom in bed with you to go to sleep. Even then, you are a bundle of spazz when you don’t fall asleep right as your head hits the pillow. “I CAN’T SLEEP!” you yell at me while flailing your body around the bed.

Yes, our evening routine is bonkers. We are not living examples of happy people when we’re all tired. We’ve just run a marathon of dinner, homework, potty, teeth brushing and stories. I know it’s hard to turn off your brain after all that and settle down. But gimme a break, child. I’m tired.

You Can’t Do That.

Nov 25, 2014 by

I participated in a full day training on discrimination and race with my colleagues yesterday, the same day the Grand Jury decided there was no “probable cause” to charge Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in Michael Brown’s death. What a bizarre coincidence…

I’ve attended a few of these trainings before, but yesterday, for the first time, I really understood that having hard conversations together, being willing to share and discuss through the discomfort, is the only way we can change our culture and the systems that perpetuate racism and discrimination. It is in that vain that I share my thoughts.

Running: A Family Affair

Nov 25, 2014 by

My kids have caught the running bug and its official, we have two new runners in the family. As a plan to return from eighteen months of running injuries, my wife and son joined me in a couch to 5K program. Noah was so excited that our ‘coach’ let him join the group and he faithfully practiced throughout the week. Granted some of his runs were shorted than planned. His sister was excited to play in the Child Watch room once a week, a major incentive to finish homework. Eventually, she wanted to run in a race with “Mommy” and we signed her up for the Kids Fun Run at the end of the program.

How did it go? It was awesome. Just ask my kids. Sage turned the Kids Fun Run into an obstacle course, opting to climb every bench in the field, cruising in with Mommy at about seven minutes. I’m a little annoyed they ended the race before she made it to the finish line, but quickly got over it. “Momma…I won!” waving her purple ribbon. “I won!” I simply can’t resist her joy.

Crying Time

Nov 25, 2014 by

Last week, I was preparing for an SSI hearing for a child client.  I thought he was attending Head Start, as he is only 4 years old, but I found out at my pre-hearing meeting with his mom on Wednesday that he is actually in public school kindergarten.  AAAHHH!!  I quickly sent off a request to his school to try to get his education records, which are ESSENTIAL for any child’s SSI hearing.

On Thursday night, while working late to organize all the exhibits, I got an email from my client’s teacher.  She wrote, “I can have the records ready for you tomorrow if you want to come and pick them up.”  She wrote this at 9:30 pm.  I cried.

Breastfeeding, weaning and everything in between

Nov 24, 2014 by

As I write this, I am nursing my son late at night after he returned home from a long day at grandma’s. I had a long, busy day too, hosting our annual Friendsgiving, and I had no time to pump during the day. I feel sick to my stomach, headachy and so relieved when he is finally able to latch on and give us both some comfort.

My son will be 11 months old next week.  Incredible how time flies. I remember being pregnant thinking, If we’re able to, I’d like to breastfeed for one year, and then I’ll probably want my body back. One year will be perfect. I also remember my attitude about breastfeeding before I got pregnant: what a weird concept. I mean, you’re feeding another human with milk that comes out of your nipples. I thought a year-long goal of breastfeeding sounded generous, finite, and doable.

In defense of pumping moms everywhere

Nov 24, 2014 by

As a person who has complained in the past about the lack of resources for moms who exclusively (or mostly) pump breast milk, I was intrigued this week when I came across an article about pumping.  When I saw the title, “The Unseen Consequences of Pumping Breastmilk,” I was hopeful.  It seemed like my incredibly difficult decision to pump for my daughter when breastfeeding was just not happening was finally being recognized as just that – an incredibly difficult decision that had a number of consequences for me and my family that I never could have foreseen at the outset.

Unfortunately, I was wrong about this article.  I strongly encourage everyone to read it, though with The Rage bubbling up to my eyeballs, I’ll admit that it was difficult to get through.  Though there were a few sympathetic remarks made toward pumping moms, the article cites scientific research and a number of “experts” who basically offer up the “news” that pumping isn’t the amazing miracle we all thought it was (sarcasm alert).

The School in Our Village

Nov 24, 2014 by

Like many working moms, I’ve always been counting down the days until kindergarden. How long until I no longer have to pay double digit thousands of dollars for childcare? How long until a bus can pick my child up and take her to school and then deliver her back home? Lately, I’m reconsidering. I don’t have anything against it, I am just so in love with the private school that my daughters attend. We love it so much, we are willing to travel 30 minutes each way in rush hour traffic so that they can go there. We are willing to pay the same amount as daycare but with far less coverage (late afternoons, summers).

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