Missing It.

Last Thanksgiving I had a “ah ah moment.” Well I like to call it a “mom moment”…. I was running the house like CRAZY lady doing every single thing I could think of to make this holiday PERFECT for my entire family who were on their way and I sat for a moment to catch my breath. And realized I was missing IT. I think I even said out loud “I am missing it.” It sounds so cliche, I know. But it’s true. I was missing what was truly important: my life and the people in it. Not making...

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Parenting Hacks: From Jelly Beans to Family Sleepovers

We’ve all got ’em. Those little tricks up our sleeves to get ourselves and kids through the day, to GSD*. Here are a few of my best tactics. Jelly bean currency. I keep a bag of Jelly Belly’s (Kid Flavors!) in my car. When I forget to bring a snack to afternoon pick-up, I dole out a few jelly beans for good behavior, or I tell them if they are good the WHOLE WAY, they earn three at the end of the trip. I learned from my mom, a teacher, that kids will do anything for a single little morsel....

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Organizing a Disorganized Life – Planner Edition

I’ve always been a pretty organized adult. My late twenties were probably the height of my organizational skills. I had a paper planner with each dinner, vacation, social event and (frequent) gym visit highlighted. As I turned thirty and my first child was born things started heading downhill, if only slightly. I returned to work at only 30 hours a week and maintained that schedule (plus furlough days) through my younger child’s infancy. I struggled like any new mom, but the reduced hours of my not super demanding job helped keep me on track for the most part. Fast...

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Here Is What I Wish I Knew About Motherhood

What really happens when you become ‘Mom’. Do you remember the day your child was born? The care ride to the hospital.  How you will NEVER be able to travel those same roads without that feeling of nervousness in your stomach accompanied by flashbacks of that exact moment. I remember telling my husband he can make as many stops as necessary on the way. “Do you want food, babe?” I asked.  “It’s okay, we can stop wherever you need.” Trying to buy time from the inevitable.  As if more time wasted would delay labor. The uncertainty.  The nerves.   The...

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Sometimes You’re Thankful for Candy

With Thanksgiving a week away, I started asking the kids what they are thankful for. At the ripe old age of 5, Bailey listed out each person and why she was thankful for them. Spencer on the other hand had a one word answer “candy.” Bailey asked him if he was thankful for anything else and he said, “Nope. That’s it.” I can respect (and envy) that. While he can’t respond the way the other two can, Gavin has his ways of letting you know what his feelings are on any number of topics. Bailey flipped the tables and asked me what I was thankful for. I was quick to respond, “I’m thankful for each of you, your daddy and grandma and grandpa.” And the conversation was left at that. But the more I’ve thought about it, the more I realize that I am thankful for so much more and to so many people. I think like many people, 2016 was not the year I had hoped it would be. It wasn’t totally horrible by any means but it certainly wasn’t the stellar year I had placed so much hope on. But if I am being honest, it was a rough year. Nothing seemed to come “easy” (which I know, in life nothing is easy, BUT does everything need to be such a process?!?!?) We would take one step...

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Meal prep series part 3: Embracing frozen food

Soooo last week happened.  We try to stay politically neutral here on CTWM, so all I’ll say is that I have been eating all my feelings.  Thank goodness for the stress-saving deliciousness of meal prep!  (And that. Is how. You pivot.) For the third and final installment of my meal prep series, I had originally planned on sharing general tips and tricks and answering some of the many questions I have gotten over the past few weeks.  The main concern my fellow moms seem to have is how to fit all this into a busy schedule.  I will say...

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The Magic Within Us

A crew of family from the tri-state area recently returned from a week-long trip to Disney World.  We flew down South to enjoy Florida in the fall and soak up all the magical moments Mickey and friends have to offer. If only it were that simple. As many of you may already be aware (and perhaps painfully so), planning a Disney trip is not for the faint of heart.  This was compounded in that there were 16 of us in total with ranging interests in and tolerance of the Disney experience.  We stuck to the imposed deadlines for dinner reservations and rigorously planned in hopes...

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Thoughts from a New Special Needs Mom

I’ve always had a deep respect for parents of special needs children. The appointments, the specialists, the paperwork, the advocacy, PPTs/IEPs/504s and the rest of the acronyms that could be their own language…and that doesn’t even begin to touch parenting the child and whatever individual needs that may be at play. I’ve never been an official member of the “club”, though I’ve seen all of this from the other side from having worked in the field of special education. But then one day, not too long ago, it hit me. An ‘aha moment’ of sorts but a bit less ‘eureka’ and...

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Feminist Mom Frustrated: Think This One’s Pretty Obvious

God dammit. I was really hoping that my daughter, now 4, and son, now 7, would grow up in a culture free from sexual violence, or at least significantly different than the culture I came of age in. I’m an optimist by nature, so I recognize that this hope was fairly lofty, but “live the life you imagine,” right? Post 11/8 though, this hope is shot to hell and I am faced with the realization that my innocent children will actually take part in this culture-a rape culture, where women remain second-class citizens. For those with children older than...

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Love Wins

Last week (before my husband and I left the kids for the weekend and before a presidential election rocked the nation) I was having just a normal week at school.  Well, it was a rather long, tiring week, but a regular one nonetheless.  Until one day a student in one of my classes asked if he could talk to me after class.  My answer as always, “no problem.” He’s a jovial kid, mixed with a bit of a tough facade.  He makes others laugh, but he doesn’t like the joke pointed at him.  He’s bright and serious about his...

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