The benefits of different parenting styles!

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My wife and I have very different parenting styles. My son has a very close relationship with my wife, which includes talk time each night and cuddles on the couch. They genuinely enjoy each other’s company and share the same interests. I often believe Noah has inherited her ‘math’ brain and quirky sense of humor, which fits well with her child-like spirit.

I have a comfortable relationship with my son and we have some things in common. I know he’s adopted my sarcasm and often ‘gives as good as he gets’. When we spend time together, there is more silence and often music in the background. I genuinely enjoy his company and encourage his need to be entertained with ‘special projects’. Inevitably, when we are together he can create a project that captures his attention for an entire afternoon, takes up half of the living room, and dries up several markers in his ever-growing collection.

A Peek Into Your Future

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You may remember that I am entertainment-phobic.  Nonetheless, I feel I should celebrate the Jewish holidays with my children, as I am their only Jewish parent.  Last Friday we had our floating Rosh Hashanah dinner, where we all gather to celebrate the Jewish New Year eat a lot of delicious food. My middle son lives in Rhode Island and his wife works 24-hour shifts as a physician assistant, so this was the first opportunity for everyone to get together.  Rosh Hashanah actually took place on September 24th.

I made brisket and roasted potatoes and carrots, plus noodle kugel (a sweet bread pudding type of dish made with egg noodles, apples, cinnamon and cottage cheese – recipe available on request!) and green bean casserole.  These are all proven hits with the fam.  Everything was done on time – a miracle for me — and with the help of the husband, we managed to hide all the boxes of junk in other rooms so we could access the dining table.

My daughter’s birth story, in honor of her first birthday

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On the day my daughter was born, my bladder woke me just after 5:00 am.  I was alone in bed; my lawnmower-caliber snoring had driven my husband away again.  I was still over two weeks from my due date and not yet feeling any urgency about having my baby or feeling “done” with pregnancy.  My urgency was the fact that I needed another week at work to wrap things up, but I had no doubts about getting that.  I’d recently had an ultrasound and an exam, and the midwife said there were no signs of baby’s impending arrival.  Back to my bed on that clear fall morning: by the time I exhausted my Netflix fix and finally got up, it was 8:00 exactly.

That was when my water broke.

Seasonal Reading: Fall Favorites

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I love the new traditions that are emerging in my family now that my kids are getting a little bit older. With some help from my retired teacher mom’s extensive book collection, I have started our own book collections for each season. These are special books that we bring out only at the start of each season or leading up to a special holiday. I have been trying to keep these books separate from our regular books on the bookshelf by keeping them in a special basket near the fireplace and asking that they be returned there when we are done reading them. Right now, we’re loving our Autumn books and thought it might be nice to share some of our favorite titles.


  • Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin by Tad Hills
  • Five Little Pumpkins illustrated by Ben Mantle

Your Children Are Listening

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I am fat, ugly, and short. I wish I was beautiful, or even just acceptable like everyone else, but I know that it will never be.

At varying times in my life, I was told that it was a pity that I was so short, that it was unfortunate that I inherited my dad’s bulging eyes or my mother’s radish-shaped legs. I was told that if only my hips were a little narrower, then maybe my clothes would fit better; if my nose weren’t so wide, then I’d have a prettier face. My recessed jaw was blamed on the fact that my teeth were originally too large for my mouth, causing me to have four teeth pulled and get braces, which in turn pushed my chin and jaw inward. While these things were never meant to be mean, were never said all at once, and were usually uttered as passing comments in response to something in particular, anyone who thinks that children forget old comments by the time new comments are uttered is fooling themselves. As a child when I put it all of these facts together, I felt like I was the imperfect child with absolutely no redeeming physical qualities.

Magical Monday

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This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* My cozy, comfortable bed. And I really love snuggling with my 3 year old ~ my last co-sleeping child.

* Hot showers and epsom salt baths. Been spending a lot of time in the water.

* Fall scented candles.

* Tacos (a regular item on my gratitude list).

* A husband who picks up the slack when I’m not feeling great.

* Piles of leaves that make my boys happy.

* Pinterest. I’ve been making lots of aerial silks boards and being so inspired.

* Mexican Coke ~ it comes in a glass bottle and it doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup and it just tastes so yummy!

* Watching “Earth to Echo” with my boys this weekend and having them declare it “the best movie ever.”

All I want is…

Oct 17, 2014 by

Do you know what I long for the most now that I am a mother?

It isn’t all the extra money we had, or how I used to be able to take my time getting ready in the morning, or even the freedom to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it.

What I miss the most are….


Doesn't he look so peaceful...We both miss our naps

Doesn’t he look so peaceful…We both miss our naps

I miss the days that if I felt tired or overworked I could lay down in complete silence close my eyes and drift off to slumber land. Even better I could take a nap for as long as I wanted.

Sometimes it was a quick nap of 45 mins and other days (usually after a fun night) I would nap for 3 hours!

As I type this it doesn’t even seem real.

3 GLORIOUS hours.

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