Social Media: The Downfall of Me

Social media can be the devil, do you feel me? Now don’t get me wrong, it has some really great benefits too. I too am one of those social sellers that will use Facebook and Instagram as my platform to introduce products. It reaches a large audience of people who I do not interact with on a regular basis in person, and pretty much everyone I know uses at least one of these. It is also a neat way to keep tabs on family that you do not get to see often. You get to see pictures of their...

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My Confidence at Work is from Motherhood

When I first started having children I was working full-time outside of the home. For the first few years I was struggling to find balance. I categorized my life as work and home…attorney and mother. They were separate, distinct – and I fought hard to prevent one from interfering with the other. Regret is a strong word, but looking back it really is too bad that I tried to split myself in two like that. I compartmentalized my life so that I could get it all done and stay focused on each existence and, seemingly, excel in each because my...

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Feeding My Family

Here’s the thing:  My family needs to eat.  Every. Single. Day.  I am no cooking expert and, unsurprisingly, I do not have loads of free time and energy to create master mealplans.  I am a working mom with a busy family, trying to keep all the balls up in the air.  I am always interested in learning about how other families make things work, so I thought I would share some of the things that help keep my family fed. I am not a Pinterest mom.  The site overwhelms me.  Truth?  Cooking blogs are my internet porn. I am...

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Let’s Love More and Judge Less. Here’s How.

It’s a great logo, right? It’s nice to sit in front of our oversized monitors or look at our bedazzled smart phones with a giant Starbucks coffee in our manicured hands and smile and nod and agree, “Yes.  That’s lovely.  Let’s love more and judge less.  Let’s do that.”   But how do we actually do it?   How do we actively love more and judge less?   There are a million answers to that question.  I think it starts with empathy and the recognition that we are all in this together.  You guys, life is tough.  No matter...

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Baby Mama Drama

My current title is Legal Consultant, but for many years I practiced family law. During that time, I saw some ugly shit go down, both in and out of the courtroom. Being privy to messy divorce proceedings didn’t keep me from wanting to get married, though, or even from marrying the wrong guy the first time around. That relationship ended before children or joint properties entered the picture, so our divorce, like our marriage, was short and very bittersweet. I am now married to a wonderful man who has a wonderful five year old son from a previous relationship.  My stepson’s mom comes from a different school of thought than I, though.  No amount of education or life experience could have prepared me for the trials of co-parenting with someone who sees their child as a burden rather than a blessing.  Although I’d like to hope that our very different priorities aren’t confusing Zachy, I do worry that living in two households with such different values might screw him up.  It has to be tough for a kid to have to abide by a completely separate set of rules in each parent’s house, although he seems to handle it pretty gracefully.  For a long time, I felt like I had to decide between trying to adopt a parenting style I am not comfortable with, or risk giving Zach the message that we didn’t agree with Mommy’s...

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Please Don’t Let Me Be the Mom Who Thinks She’s Perfect

Ah, the classic struggle of “having it all.” So far, I’m doing it. I have a book coming out from a major publisher in a few months and an exciting book tour to go with it. I am staying at home raising my baby essentially full-time and I love it. I spend a lot of my day in a comfy armchair watching my favorite TV while she nurses or naps on me. I am continuing my easy part-time work-from-home job and contributing income to our family. I have free and trustworthy childcare help from family pretty much whenever I...

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A Letter From a Teacher to Parents

I am a teacher. This is a label that I wear with pride. I get up every morning and go into work so that I can give my all to the group of young people in my classroom. I am an educator. I teach children about reading, writing, and math. I also teach them about how to be decent human beings and how to make friends. In addition, I am a shoulder for them to cry on when life is rough. We have real life conversations about topics that are important to them. I am the provider of clothes...

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Birth Order is Real

I have two sets of children. The first set, a girl and a boy, were carefully planned, exactly 2 years apart. The second set, not so much. We wanted a third child, but gave up after years of heartbreak. Months later, it somehow happened, and then it split in half. This brought identical twins to me at age 41, my total number of children to four, and my brain to oatmeal.  I now have four amazing children spanning two generations. This age gap creates all sorts of fun, but it’s also required me to become very creative in my...

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It Worked!

A couple of months ago, I decided to have a conversation with my son about “the internet.” I didn’t want to make it too intense, but he’s seven–almost eight, and he has his own tablet. He also goes to play dates at friend’s houses. So, as much as I want to have complete parental control over all electronics, there is outside influence and his own curiosity to compete with. As I began my “age-appropriate” conversation with my son, I asked him if he had seen his dad play video games where you talk to other people. I explained that there are various computer programs and video games just like that, where you can communicate with other people. And, while the majority of these people will be kids his own age, I cautioned that, just like in real life, some people aren’t good people. So, even though it might seem like you know the person you’re playing a video game with and typing to online, you actually don’t, and so, if they ask you for your phone number or your address…SCREECH. It was at that moment when I realized, I don’t think my son knows his address. And, we don’t have a landline, so he definitely doesn’t know any phone numbers. “Donnie, do you know our address?” “No.” “Oh, my goodness, and you don’t know my phone number either, do you?” Internet conversation on...

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