Where I am

Within the past few weeks, I had three key moments of self-exploration or self-doubt that made me think about where I have been, where I thought I was heading, where I am now and, finally, where I want to be. As a parent, I want...

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the unnecessary essentials

I don’t think we ever outgrow having pacifiers. They change shape, but we all have that one thing that we feel most comfortable having with us. Might be wearing makeup. Or having a cell phone in your pocket. A certain...

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My Hero

Being a teenager is rough. Fitting in and being liked is something that everyone struggles with, even the “popular” kids. I hated this gorgeous field hockey chick for some ridiculous reasons I do not even recall. And...

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Rockabye, sweet baby James

My friend James died last week.  It was unexpected, but in retrospect not a complete surprise.  Both my husband and I had been friends with Jim since we were teenagers.  He was a few years older than us, always a total badass....

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