Mommy and Me Zumba!

Yesterday, Nora and I went to our first Mommy and Me Zumba class! I had no idea what to expect when I signed up. It was my first experience with Zumba, but with a baby, too? I didn’t know how the class would be run. Still,...

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You Know You’re Guilty! Fess Up!

Last night as I was walking around my neighborhood with Lills in my new Ergo baby carrier (I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!) I realized just how often I sing her songs. I also realized how ridiculous some of my songs are, considering I tend...

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Dentist Anxiety

My son turned 2 four months ago.  I knew that this day was coming…time for his first dentist appointment. I have extreme anxiety and am avoiding making the appointment.  I have been reading a book with Don about this...

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Cozy Feet

With cooler nights and cold mornings, little feet need to stay warm. These are fabulous slippers! Check them out at Our family has purchased every animal design in an array of sizes. My oldest daughter started out...

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Sugarless Halloween Treats

Halloween is so full of candy and sweets that when I bring in a treat for the class Halloween party, I would like it to be a little bit healthy knowing the surgarfest that is about to come.  Here are a few treats I have brought...

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