Working Out Post Baby Can be Brutual

I’m 3 months postpartum and have been getting myself back into some kind of work-out routine. I’m a runner at heart, it’s my true work-out passion. I had a bit of a rough pregnancy which meant that I had to stop running about two months in, so when I went out for my first post-pregnancy run I literally had not run in almost a year! I waited till I was 6-7 weeks postpartum and then put on my running shoes and started doing some run/walks. It was painful and honestly not pretty. My legs felt so heavy, I think I was running 15 minute miles at first! Add to that the fact that I was also pushing the jogging stroller and it was pretty brutal. Now that it’s been several weeks since I started running more regularly, running has starting to come a bit easier. I’m still very slow but I’m faster than I was and I’m up to running 30 minutes with no walk breaks. It’s easy for me to be hard on myself and feel badly about how slow my runs are but I keep reminding myself that my body is pretty darn cool, and strong, considering that it has now carried a baby to full-term and gone through the birthing process. Plus, running gives me much-needed stress relief as a working mom juggling taking care of...

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Childcare shouldn’t be a luxury

In a July 31st post to the Huffington Post, Christine Bork discussed the intense struggles faced by so many low-income women to find and keep work and pay for quality childcare.  The average cost of full-day care for an infant represents about 41% of the median income for single mothers. Child care costs vary across the nation—from a low of about 27% of median income to a high of about 67%.  What I find even more mind blowing than the post itself are the comments made by Huffington Post readers, many calling on women to stop having children, to get on birth control or have an abortion, and to stop making poor choices.  Only one out of the 80 comments supports Ms. Bork’s claims that “as a society, we have to be willing to give people what they need to do their jobs. Helping working moms afford quality child care not only benefits kids, businesses and consumers, but it’s also the right thing to do.” In today’s day and age, when 72% of single, low-income mothers with children under age 6 are employed, we need to fix our systems of early care and education in order to ensure that all children can receive quality childcare.  Telling women to stop having children while ignoring the structural inequalities that keep these women amongst the working poor is ignorant and short-sighted.  Having...

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New Pregnancy World

This is a new world…maybe a “bizzaro world” but definitely different. I speak of the world of pregnancy. I found out that I was “knocked up” in January and have been waiting for the creation (or spawn) of my husband and our love (lots of wine and the movie Twilight) to arrive in October. I work full time as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep so I have to be on point, happy, and smart on a daily basis. Now a few things I have noticed over the last 8 months have made me realize I have to apologize to my mother for putting herself through this 4 times and every other mother out there. I have changed and people around me have changed since my belly has been getting larger and larger (along with other parts but that is a whole other blog). A few observations which have given me new respect to all mothers especially those who work. 1. Pregnancy brain: It is real and making my daily life positively annoying. I am a bit of a control freak and planner with everything in my life but this constant forgetting is frustrating as hell. I literally cannot remember little things like “did I send in my info to my gynecologist or did I send that analysis to my boss?” As I look back I realize my boss now has...

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Undercover Mother

I’ve done it on an airplane, in the car, at the beach, during a conference call. Even in Church. I’ve done it just about everywhere and I’m pretty darn good about being discreet…Yep, I am a breastfeeding mother who will do just about anything to ensure my child gets the nutrition she needs when she needs it. My daughter Mia is almost 16 months old and if someone told me before I had my baby that I’d still be breastfeeding, I wouldn’t believe them. I still can’t believe I’ve gone this long. It hasn’t always been easy. In fact, it has been one of the most challenging things  I’ve done in my life. But it is also the most empowering thing I’ve ever done in my life. Here’s what’s so great about nursing: it’s free, so healthy for baby because Mother’s Milk has all your antibodies so baby gets sick less often, aids in brain development, and is with you everywhere you go. Many times I feel like a dairy cow or human pacifier. But I also feel strong and confident for what I can provide to my child. I was fortunate to have 8 months at home with my daughter before I went back to work as a lobbyist. I am even more fortunate to be working for the lobbyist who helped pass our state’s breastfeeding law that...

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“Most children threaten at times to run away from home. This is the only thing that keeps some parents going.” – Phyllis Diller

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Let’s Be Real: I Love Being a Working Mom

Check out this post I did for It created quite a controversy on’s facebook wall this week. Taking care of my new baby girl Lillian for 10 weeks was a great experience, but it only reinforced my desire to go back to my career. I missed adult interaction and using my skills and talents. While I love my daughter more than anything in the world, I also missed the life I had before she was born. I craved normalcy. I wasn’t sure how I would react going back to work. The night before dropping her off at daycare I barely slept. I had so many conflicting thoughts. Part of me felt bad about going back to my job. I would think about the fact that someone else would get to see her smiles and coos all day and that I’d likely miss many of her milestones. On the other hand, I’d think about all the cool things I do at my job and how much I looked forward to getting back to them. I didn’t know if I would cry every morning that first week back or if I would be OK. I’ve been quite surprised by my reaction. What hasn’t surprised me is that I miss her all the time and when I’m driving to pick her up I feel like a kid waiting to open...

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Love my BOB stroller!

It’s a bit pricey but I must be honest, I LOVE my BOB running stroller. We use it not only as a running stroller but as our every day stroller. It rolls really smoothly and has shock absorption which is great when the little babe is sleeping soundly and we hit a rocky patch on the sidewalk. I’m pretty sure any of their stroller models will rock your world. We have the BOB Revolution model. Check it out here:...

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“We always joke in our household that the girls have two mommies, that we’re a family, but a different kind of family.  But seriously, I couldn’t be me without [our nanny].  And by the way, she rules with an iron fist.” Katie...

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Taking Care of a Newborn IS Work!

Michelle’s Latest Post for Three weeks ago I “came back” to work. I say “came back” because for the previous 10 weeks I was at home taking care of a newborn and now I’m back at my full-time career. I love the saying, “every mother is a working mother.” Now that I’ve had the experience of being a first-time mother, I relate to that mantra more than ever. Anyone who claims stay-at-home moms aren’t working has clearly never had the experience of caring for an infant. Lillian was born at the end of May (an experience I will likely blog about) and since then I have learned a lot about baby care and just how much work taking care of a newborn really is. Before having her my experience with babies was fairly limited. I love my niece and nephew, but I’ve never had to care for them overnight. I remember that before she was born, I was most worried about how my husband and I would handle the sleep deprivation that seemed inevitable. I also recall saying to someone that I wanted my husband and me to try to care for the baby mostly by ourselves (not having family over too much). Then reality set in. Between the 10 or 12 diaper changes a day, feedings, cleaning up messes made by bodily functions and managing the intense...

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