A Mom’s Summer To-Do List

As I think about the things we have not done yet this summer or things we have started but not finished (like redoing the girls’ bedrooms or figuring out what to do with the crocked path on the side of our house)… the end of summer blues set in, and I realize I have two weeks to left to finish my summer bucket list. Not happening.

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Kudos to My “Challenging” Child

He has taught me that I cannot control everything (or everyone) in my life. And not only is that okay, that is exactly as it is supposed to be, because it is usually somewhere in the unexpected chaos that is life with my son, that I make mistakes, or actually get it right, and either way, we learn, and we grow. Many days are spent yelling like a crazy woman, and many nights after he has gone to sleep are spent longing for a chance to do better tomorrow.

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Backyard Catcalls

All of a sudden I hear a man’s voice yell, “Ooo, what-cha doin’ girrrl!? Look at you! You better get your damn clothes back on!” Then silence.

I froze. I was afraid to look around. I had a fleeting moment of disbelief…

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What being a Baseball Mom taught me about being a better Everyday Mom

These are those lessons that maybe learned on a field when you’re 10 will give you a little something for the heartbreaks at 20 and 30 and beyond. And for me, this is my time to let him go out into the world (even if that world is just the size of a baseball field) and let him just be his independent self, learning his own lessons, taking his own lumps and rebounding by himself. But I still will be staying close enough to still be his mommy when he needs me.

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I’m Taking a Sick Day…..

I called into work sick today, can’t remember the last time I’ve done that. But am I sick or am I just really tired? Like really really, bone dry tired, so tired I can’t move off this couch….

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Five Reasons Why My Mom Friends Rule

As women, even when we are not compatible, we should respect one another and their own personal choices for themselves and their families, but a). not everyone has gotten that message yet, and b). even if they do, it means they will do you no mommy harm, but it does not necessarily mean you will be great friends.





Stealth Advocacy: A Primer

Dispel myths when they come up, discuss some of the anti-transgender legislation that threatens your child, and grow that community of people who might not have been personally invested in LGBT rights before, but who are invested in your child's well being and will help you fight for your child's rights and safety.

Special Needs


Finding Out About My Baby’s Lucky Fin

The perinatologist started talking about missing fingers. About how she sees this at the hospital once or twice a year. How there’s nothing else wrong with her but they want to refer me for more scans at another hospital.

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