Blogger name: Patty

Bio: Patty lives in the Hartford area with her husband, three young children and their beloved labrador. She works part-time as an attorney and is doing her best to balance her career and full-time mommy gig. She feels overwhelmed and crazy at times but knows that she is fortunate to have the opportunity to practice law and raise a family. Patty enjoys hiking and nature and can’t wait to take her children backpacking one day. She also enjoys a good sweat and does her best to fit regular exercise into her busy schedule. Patty is excited to share stories and connect with other moms who are facing the same daily dilemmas and simultaneously experiencing the many joys of motherhood.

Favorite pediatrician:  Dr. Robert Toscano, Simsbury, CT

Tip for other working moms: “You can never take too many pictures or videos or save too much of your children’s artwork (within reason). Cherish these precious years because time goes fast and your baby will be all grown up in what seems like the blink of an eye.”