We have been able to meet so many cool mommas throughout CT and we know for a fact that if you read our website, you’re already pretty cool (according to us at least!).

Well, we have decided that it’s about time that working mommas got some attention and recognition so we’re starting a new award series titled, “You are one ROCKING Momma!” We’ll select one winner a month. The winner’s will be listed here for you to read about and will be sent a lovely (non-monetary) prize in the mail. You can nominate a momma in your life by filling out the form below. (All nominations must be for Connecticut residents).

November 2012 Winner: Donna Fenter

October 2012 Winner: Kim Reid

September 2012 Winner: Amy Becker

August 2012 Winner: Shawn Lang

July 2012 Winner: Janina McGrath

Nominate a Rockin’ Momma (fill out the form below or email michelle@ctworkingmoms.com):