Winner: Amy Becker, Middletown, CT

We are so excited to honor a local Connecticut businesswoman and mom this month! Amy Becker owns the Ladybug Boutique located in Middletown, CT. She’s a hard-working mama (she’s got two kids – one age 10 and one age 4) who believes strongly in supporting local artisans. Her shop if full of fun, creative & beautiful treasures that come mostly from Connecticut and other places in the U.S.

“I’m a big supporter of made in America, shop small, shop local, supporting the little guy. If I buy from a mom, she’s buying groceries with the money she makes. I’m not sticking it in the rich man’s pocket. If I buy from a mother who makes soap from home,” Becker explains, “I think it all comes full circle. It’s better than buying plastic stuff made in China at Wal-Mart.”

Amy’s socially conscious attitude doesn’t only apply to what she sells in her store. She recently held a fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation after one of her customers told her about her son’s struggle with disease.

That’s exactly the kind of outlook on life that we here at love. It brings us tremendous joy to present Amy with our September award as she’s a wonderful example of a mom working to achieve her dreams and she’s a terrific role model of how to support your local community.

Rock on, Amy!