Bye-Bye Hospital Nurseries, An Update

Feb 10, 2014 by

Me, Marie & Baby Olivia!

Me, Marie & Baby Olivia!

Back in September I wrote a post about how it seems like more and more hospitals are either getting rid of their nurseries or are strongly discouraging new moms from using them. I only discovered this issue because I went to visit my friend and fellow blogger Marie at a local hospital and she told me that when she asked to send her daughter to the nursery for a little bit, she was informed that they no longer had a nursery and encouraged 24/hour rooming in. I was really struck by that and wanted to know why this was happening. Was it for financial reasons or because of something else?

I reached out to the CT Hospital Association for answers and they looked into this for me. Turns out that yes, most hospitals in CT either have a 24 hour room in policy for new moms or are moving in that direction. And the reason isn’t because of money, it’s because hospitals want a baby-friendly certification from Baby-Friendly USA.

Registry List Suggestions

Jan 27, 2014 by

Just about four years ago when I first became pregnant, I emailed a good friend and asked her to recommend her favorite baby items and, more importantly, to tell me which stuff I did not need. She sent me a super lengthy, wonderfully awesome email that totally overwhelmed me. Once I had time to really sit down and focus, this email proved very helpful. Ever since then I’ve been adding notes and forwarding this email on to friends and relatives who are finding themselves overwhelmed when it comes time to register. I was just about to forward it on to yet another person when I thought I might as well clean up that email and make it a blog post!

So here goes – A list of things I think you need and things I think you can do without. Please feel free to comment and add your two cents. I’m surely leaving things out as it’s been just about a year since I had a newborn.

Experiences of a First-Time Mom (In GIFs)

Dec 2, 2013 by

How it feels to meet your baby for the first time:


When you take your baby home, open the door and walk inside, then wonder what you’re suppose to do now:


When there is just SO.MUCH.CRYING:


When you encounter your baby’s first poopy diaper blowout:


When your partner wants to “get busy” for the first time after birth:


When everyone tells you that you should be happy during every single moment of life with a newborn but in reality you’re exhausted from night-time feedings and being a new mom is actually really f*cking hard:


When you suddenly realize everyone and their mom has an opinion about how to parent your new child:


When you find out that whole “sleep when the baby sleeps” thing doesn’t actually work and yet people tell you this ALL.THE.TIME:

8 great things about parenting when your kids are still young

Nov 8, 2013 by

Parenting a baby or toddler has its challenges, but it also has its perks. Only when they’re that young can you:

1.  End or avoid certain situations by pretending everything is “asleep.” “No I’m sorry, honey, we can’t read that book for the 24,397,950,918,683,734,983 time; the book is sleeping now.”

2.  Accidentally fart in the car and have no one understand what happened and/or be vocal enough to comment.

3.  Run around as much as your kid does on the playground. You never outgrow playgrounds.

4.  Get away with not eating your vegetables, even if you make your kids eat them. When they’re older, they take notice.

5.  Experience HOT bites of food at meals…before they’re mobile, anyway.

6.  Be able to fend off something they’re requesting you do by suggesting that “maybe later” you could do it…and “later” never has to come.

Ten Important Things To Ask A Mother

Jul 15, 2013 by

Here are ten important things to ask a mother of three…well, really these questions are applicable to ANY mother. But, as a mother to three daughters under the age of five, I sometimes day-dream about the simple ways in which my friends, relatives and colleagues can help me out, give me a boost, or make a part of my day just a little easier. Conversely, as a friend, sister, and Aunt I try to offer help to the fellow mothers in my life who might need a quick breather. Here are some key questions to ask a mother who seems frazzled:


(1) When was the last time you showered? I am never offended when someone asks me this (usually it’s my husband.) Sometimes the day gets away from you and before long you are crawling into bed wondering what smells like onions. Don’t be afraid to ask your friend this question, maybe you can keep an eye on her kids just long enough for her to wash her hair and brush her teeth.

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