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Expect the Unexpected

I became a mom one month ago. Hard to believe it has been that long. I’m definitely not used to the title of parent or mother yet. At the same time, it feels like our baby has always been a part of our family and daily...

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The Micromanager Mom

Every night and every morning I find myself standing over my children and barking orders. Brush your teeth. Now go potty. Now get your clothes on. Let’s go. We’re late. Shoes on. Backpacks on. Meet me at the door. NOW! And one...

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Time Is The Enemy

To quote Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch “Tomorrow is Christmas! It’s practically here!”  Now while it’s not THAT close, the reality is there are only 10 shopping Fridays left till Christmas (you’re welcome). As much as we may want it to,...

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The Good Side of Life

After all, at 46, I am much more aware of who I am. Yes, I am still finding and learning more about myself each day, but I have finally learned to like myself. My whole self. And not to care so much about what others think of me. And at 46, I can even laugh at myself!

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