What Doesn’t Kill You…Makes You Want to Kiss Your Daycare Provider on the Mouth

Jul 22, 2015 by

My sons’ daycare was closed last week.  My husband and I spent the week scrambling around trying to juggle the boys, our jobs, and everything else.  I can proudly say that we all survived (I say this proudly as there were moments I was sure we would not).  As I sit here at my desk at work, thinking back on the week, I have come to realize a few things…


I am not cut out to be a stay-at-home mom.  I just don’t have what it takes.  I don’t have the energy, the patience, the endurance, the…did I say patience?  Yeah, I have ZERO.


Stay-at-home moms rock.  Stay-at-home moms, you do this all the time?  Every day?!  You have all my respect and admiration.  You are amazing.


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An Open Letter

Jul 7, 2015 by

To the Parent of the child my son is targeting with biting-

All I can say is that I’m sorry. I don’t know why my son is “targeting” your daughter and biting her. From my understanding they are buddies and play well together – until he decides to take it that one step further and ruin the fun. I can only imagine what you think of us as parents. How could we possibly allow this type of behavior? Well please know that we don’t. We do not tolerate biting, hitting, name calling, spitting, etc. in our home.

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I Cannot Emphasize Enough How Much Your Life Will Change with a Mother’s Helper

May 22, 2015 by



That moment when you smack your head after realizing that you could have saved yourself literally years of agony if you had only decided long, long ago to have someone come to your house in the morning to help get the kids ready for school, amirite?

If you haven’t had the pleasure of knowing this experience, let me lay it out for you:  having a part-time nanny or similarly situated individual come to your house to make your children go pee, get them dressed, and give them something to eat besides a half-eaten Wendy’s Frosty you find in your freezer is SO GREAT.

Yesterday, I dragged myself out of bed at 6:30 and made myself some coffee.  Our newly appointed mother’s helper (or parent’s helper, or child care assistant, etc., for the political correctness-minded among you) let herself in the house to wake my sleeping munchkins while I enjoyed my shower.

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My baby is growing up

Feb 23, 2015 by

As if Lenny turning one last month wasn’t enough of a reminder, we have hit some milestones lately that have shown us just how much our little baby is turning into a little boy.

Most notably, Lenny started in a new room at daycare this morning. He is no longer an “Infant”; he is now a “Waddler.” With his new group of friends, he’s expected to eat solid foods instead of taking a bottle; he takes one long mid-day nap instead of a morning and an afternoon nap; he plays in the gym instead of crawling around his classroom. These are all things he’s been doing on his own at home for a while now, but now the other kids in his classroom are doing them too. We will miss his teachers and friends in the Infant room, but I’m so excited to see how he’ll grow and develop with daily arts and crafts, visits from The Music Lady, group snack time in real mini tables and chairs instead of high chairs, and interaction with kids who are already talking. Okay yes, I’m excited, but can we also slow time down just a teeny little bit?

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Overcoming Inertia

Nov 19, 2014 by

Brian Tracy

We all learned in science class that inertia is the resistance among physical objects to any change in its state of motion, including changes to its speed and direction. That an object at rest tends to stay at rest, an object in motion (like moms) tend to stay in motion. Last week I shared my apprehension about changing my routine and going back to work after having been out of the game for almost a year. The laws of inertia have a firm hold on me right now as I am finding that the longer I have been with my baby, the harder going back to a demanding work schedule will be. But deep down I know this is the right choice for me and my family and now that I have made the decision to pursue this work, I am determined to overcome the force called resistance. I am putting all of my energy into an action plan so that I may overcome inertia and get “unstuck” from the safe, comfortable routine I have been in. Here’s what I am doing to get psyched up:

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