Hot Chocolate Mom: Adventures in Skiing

Feb 17, 2015 by

2015-02-14 12.22.44

My wife took me downhill skiing early in our relationship. Dear God, what an experience. As a child, a recurring nightmare of mine was falling backwards or downhill. So, you can imagine the outcome of that experience. As I tried to avoid the five hundred children between me and the bottom of the hill, I was in near panic. Who could enjoy the sensation of racing down…a hill…on top of snow? As I made it to the bottom of the ‘bunny hill’, the answer came in the form of the twenty smiling kids that passed me… at least twice. Clearly adults enjoy this sport, but the children gathered everywhere on the slopes were enjoying themselves.

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You know you are a parent when….Part 2

Jan 2, 2015 by

When I first started writing for the blog I wrote a post that stated when you know you are a mom and wanted to continue with this and I have over the last few years realized how much my life has changed for good, bad and just plain different.

You know you are a parent when:

1. You can no longer run, walk brisk or exercise (not like I am doing to much of it anyway) without pissing yourself.

2. You tell your partner you can have sex but don’t be concerned if you fall asleep in the middle of it.

You got five minutes buddy (Picture Credit)

You got five minutes buddy (Picture Credit)

3. You pass out before New Years Eve and not because of a drunken escapade, rather you are just lame and tired.

4. You realize you can never purchase anything nice without recognizing it will eventually have piss, puke or some bodily fluid on it.

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It came without ribbons. It came without tags.

Dec 31, 2014 by

It came without packages, boxes or bags.

Last Christmas I was 8 months pregnant, Jack was 2 ½ and Christmas was pure chaos.  I was a swollen, miserable, waddling pregnant lady, and Jack was an over-stimulated, overwhelmed toddler which did not combine well.  My son had so many gifts that he stopped looking at them. He ripped open each one in a flurry, threw it aside, and then “next!”, on to another.  When he started opening other peoples’ gifts and was reprimanded, he burst into tears.  It was all just too much for him.

This year, with the addition of a new little family member in the mix, had the potential to be even more chaotic.  So I made a concerted effort to have a (relatively) low-key holiday.  I made some changes: Christmas Eve was going to be a calm, relaxing evening with just the immediate family.  Both boys went to bed at a normal time.  Santa filled the boys’ stockings and left each of them just a couple of presents.  We opened gifts s l o w l y.  Then family came over and we opened more presents – continually stressing the fact that everyone got a turn to open presents.  Not just Jack.  Although we had to remind him frequently, he complied.  There was no loss of control; no tears.

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How I Learned to “Be Present”

Nov 26, 2014 by


Appreciate the little things. Time flies.  Know what’s really important. Keep things in perspective. Be present. I read blog post after blog post on these topics and every time I smile and nod in agreement. “Yes! Such an important message!” Then I turn my head away from my kids and go back to scrolling on my phone. “Aww! That puppy is so cute!” “Kim Kardashian did what?!” And so it goes. The other day I caught myself in a situation where my three year old and I were sitting next to each other on the couch both looking down at our phones. Three year old watching monster truck videos on YouTube, me browsing Facebook. And it hit me: this is not how I want to spend my time with my kids. It’s time to stop nodding in agreement to all those blog posts, and actually be present.

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Celebrating CT Working Moms 3-Year Anniversary in Photos

Sep 1, 2014 by

Lovely readers! Today, September 1st, marks’s 3-year anniversary! It was on this day that we published our very first post way back when. It’s been quite a ride. I’ve learned a LOT – about writing, running a website and just about myself. I’ve grown in many, many ways and have no idea how I would have gotten through the first 3 years of having a child without this community. I have something really special planned for later this month but couldn’t let this day go by without doing a little post. Here’s a look back in photos at our many website-related adventures!

In chronological order:

That time I had a baby and decided to create this website while out on maternity leave:


The time you voted us your favorite CT based parenting website and we got to meet and chat with other local bloggers (pictured to the far right is Missy – the Crazy Coupon Chick – we love her!!)

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