GIVEAWAY: Hair Salon Package

Dec 10, 2013 by

Ooo la la, we’re giving away a sweeeeet salon package!

Kristin O’Hea is a mom of two, a budding yoga instructor and a MASTER hairstylist. Seriously, Kristin couldn’t be any cooler. Several CTWM’s bloggers go to Kristin for cut & color!

She works at Sculptures Salon in Newington, CT. Sculptures is a super classy place and everyone that works there is really nice. Last year we did a special makeover giveaway where the lucky winner received a total makeover from Kristin and LOVED it (Hi Kelly!).

This is the makeover Kristin did last year for CTWM's giveaway winner Kelly!

This is the makeover Kristin did last year for CTWM’s giveaway winner Kelly!

The winner of this giveaway will receive (value: $250):

-A cut AND color

-Full makeup application

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5 REALLY Easy Hairstyles for Busy Mamas

Oct 28, 2013 by

Lately I’ve been on the hunt for really easy (like super, duper easy) hairstyles. I should start off with a  disclaimer – the hairstyles I’m about to share really only work for medium to long hair. Sorry short-haired mamas! I literally scoured the internet to find easy, cute things to do with my long hair and tested out lots of styles that claimed to be “easy.” Yeah, um, no. The majority of styles you find when you Google “fast and easy hairstyles” are not, in fact, fast or easy. At least not for me.

So here are 5 styles that I have personally tried (my photos serve as evidence!). As my hair has gotten longer I admit that I’ve done the dreaded messy bun that’s not really a bun and is pretty much just a messy pile of hair thing. You know, where you put your hair in a pony tail and then on the last loop through don’t pull it all the way? Yeah, I’ve been rockin’ that at work a bit too much.

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Working Mom’s Hair

Oct 5, 2012 by

Remember the day you could roll out of bed, take a twenty-minute relaxing shower and then blow dry and straighten your hair?  I can’t, well not since having a child. Those were the days when I would look amazing with my long swept hair, always trimmed and put together. I think about it now and wish I had listened to all of the other mothers out there when they told me to CHERISH the time you have to make yourself look presentable.

I used to look like this…

Now after having a child and working full-time, any extra time I have to sleep, spend with my husband or make it to the gym seems more important than spending 25-45 minutes on my hair.


Now I look like this in the morning


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No Poo – is it for you?

Apr 25, 2012 by

I began this journey in February, after the very informative blog series on chemicals in our hygiene products by fellow blogger Dena,  I began reading different articles on the internet and I some how came across the No Poo method for your hair…. your probably saying “the What” right about now, as I did also.  No Poo basically means no shampoo – you would use Baking Soda to wash your hair. No shampoo for your hair – how does that work?

Will it really work?  Will my hair smell?

and a lot more questions entered my head.

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Cleaner Living: I banished my shampoo

Nov 22, 2011 by

Welcome to the first Cleaner Living Column!

Most people who want to reduce their chemical use, may start with something innocuous like kitchen cleaner, something that no one will really see or care about if it goes wrong or doesn’t work.


I picked my hair!

For background, I currently have shoulder length, auburn/brown hair.   I have colored my hair since my best friend and I smuggled some Sun-In into my moms bathroom when we were 17, so i really can’t remember my true natural color.  It is somewhat wavy/curly when I don’t blow dry it, and has a fair amount of natural body.  I have never really had any shampoo brand loyalty, having to switch quite often when my hair became “immune” to one kind or another.   I get it trimmed about every 8 weeks unless I get the urge to cut it all off.

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