Connecticut Appellate Court: Midwifery Does Not Constitute the Practice of Medicine in Normal Pregnancies

Aug 2, 2013 by

Image Credit:  CT Judicial Branch

Image Credit: CT Judicial Branch

Our State appellate court recently issued a decision in the ten-year-old saga of Albini v. Connecticut Medical Examining Board, in which the administrative agency responsible for the licensing and regulating of physicians sought to prevent two certified professional midwives from engaging in activity that it claimed constituted the practice of medicine without a license.  Let me insert a disclaimer here that this blog post is not intended to address the political issue underlying this case of whether CPMs or other homebirth midwives should be licensed in the State of Connecticut.  Instead, what follows below is a short review and explanation of the court’s decision.

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Sneak in Veggies

Jun 7, 2013 by

Kids are picky, crazy and change their minds about ten million times a day. This is no different when it comes to eating. Some days my kid is a rock star who will try a piece of sushi, spicy guacamole, or sausage but the one thing over and over again that always presents a problem is vegetables.

Yup looks about right

Yup looks about right

Do not get me wrong he will sometimes eat peas or carrots but overall if he sees green it is a no go.

I understand completely and do not go crazy forcing food down, but I do want to make sure he gets his proper nutrition. Since my son is only 20 months old I feel if I can get lots of fruit, healthy grains and at least one or two servings of some veggies I feel like a rock star. So I wanted to include some ways I have hidden veggies or included within other meals or recipes that my son will actually eat and not crazy unhealthy.

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A Kitchen Full of Judgment

Apr 12, 2013 by

"No, sorry, I'm too busy ignoring my daughter so I can cook her a healthy meal."

“No, sorry, I’m too busy ignoring my daughter so I can cook her a healthy meal.”

If you’ve kept up with my posts on here, you’re aware that I hate cooking, or at least that I hate the difficulty and stress that comes from having to cook for an entire family.  It’s more of a keeping-up-with-the-joneses thing — I always feel like my friends can make awesome gourmet meals when I’m making tacos from a box or shake and bake chicken or something.  And I wonder how other working moms have the time to spend 2-3 hours on food prep, cooking, dinner and clean up when I barely have time to sleep.

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A Whole Foods Review: Vegan Style

Jan 16, 2013 by

In my little house of 3 both my husband and daughter eat meat while I’m vegan (I don’t eat animal products in any form, just my personal choice).

I will admit to being a newbie vegan as it’s only been about 3 months since I removed dairy (I was already a vegetarian). But it’s been a wonderful and interesting experience figuring out what to eat and I can honestly say that the saying “whatever you can eat I can eat vegan” is pretty darn true!

I’m super excited to review several vegan products you can find at your local Whole Foods. Everything below was provided by Whole Foods Glastonbury.

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Stay tuned…

Dec 8, 2011 by


Hello Natural Mommies!

Whipped up my first batch of homemade deodorant tonight… So look out for a review in the coming weeks about how it works.

Also, next week’s column will feature my recipe for facial cleansing and moisturizing WITHOUT chemical products AND it will save you a lot of money!

See you soon!

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