What I Learned About Myself When I Stopped Eating Sugar

Nov 17, 2014 by



First confession: I went back to eating sugar (you’ll see why at the end of this post). Second confession: I have a legitimate sugar addiction.

Food is a notoriously tough topic for me to talk about openly. I feel a lot of shame around my overeating. A lot. I had a moment recently that’s stuck with me for weeks. I found a diary of mine from 1996 (I was in middle school) and in between the poems about my undying love for various boys (hey, I was a teenager!) was something even more startling. Pages upon pages about feeling out of control with food, wishing I could just not eat so much and hating my stomach (I even drew a picture of what I felt was the perfect looking stomach).

“Write about how much you hate your life and how everything sucks.”

Nov 10, 2014 by

I was out on this beautiful fall Sunday taking a rare walk with my husband and daughter when, thinking aloud, I said, “I have no idea what to blog about this week.”  My husband, only half joking, replied, “Write about how much you hate your life and how everything sucks.”  And so, in the absence of the creative inspiration that usually hits me at some point during the week, that is exactly what I’m going to do.

First, I should clarify.  I DON’T hate my life, and everything DOESN’T suck.  My husband was just poking fun at me a little because I’ve been super whiny and negative lately.  I started a new job this fall, and everything related to that (i.e., life) has been pretty stressful, between learning the ropes, adjusting to different expectations, having my daughter start daycare and my parents start a sometimes complicated schedule of babysitting and staying overnight, and trying to fit in some fun time while maintaining some sense of order in my house and joy in my marriage.  The balance is a little askew right now, and I’m fighting hard not to tumble off the edge of the scale.  It’s a theme of life that’s older than the dinosaurs: change is hard, y’all.  Balance is even harder.

Things That Don’t Suck

Nov 5, 2014 by

This past weekend I was determined to potty train my son. We have tried unsuccessfully many times but this time I was resolute: No more diapers. I made sure we didn’t have any plans and didn’t have to leave the house for any reason. This was necessary in order to allow him to run around in just his little Spiderman undies. What I didn’t think about was the reality of being stuck in the house for two days straight. To make things worse, Hub had to work all weekend. This meant it was me – alone – with a 3 year old and a 9 month old. Did I mention the 9 month old had a miserable cold and is the midst of teething? Did I mention it was Daylight Savings Time and my days started at 4:45am? Did I mention it was too cold to go outside? I know what you’re thinking – suck it up girl, it’s only two days. You’re right, but let me tell you, those were the longest two days of my freakin life. I will leave all the gross, stinky details to your imagination. While trying to keep things in perspective, I’ve come to realize that not everything was horrible about that long, long (long) weekend. So let me share with you a few things that did not suck:

5 Things I Swore I Would Never Do as a Parent (But do all the Time)

Oct 28, 2014 by


I had a very specific vision of the type of parent I wanted to be. And then I became a parent and was smacked in the face with reality. I still have the same basic core values and I won’t budge on those. But then there’s everything else. I will be the first to admit, many of the things I swore I would never do I do now because it’s just plain easier. Yes. I take the easy way out. A lot. Here are a few examples…


Use TV as a babysitter

Pre-Mom: My child will never sit in front of the television. My child will use educational toys to entertain himself. We will spend our time together reading books, doing puzzles, and having intelligent conversations.

When To Say When

Oct 22, 2014 by

This is the first year my son is really “into” Halloween. He carefully considered his costume for months. He changed his mind about 31 times after finally settling on Batman. When his costume arrived, he immediately tried it on, running around the house yelling, “I’m Baaaatmaaaan” and spent the rest of the day saving the world. This is also the first time he’s intrigued by Halloween’s “scary things”. He saw someone dressed in a monster costume on TV and my first reaction was to cover his eyes and change the channel (the guy was really scary!). But it was too late. He saw it and was amazed. He asked me to rewind it so he could see it again. I did. Again and again and again. I kept assuring him “it’s only a costume, it’s not real” but he didn’t want to hear it. He was too busy gaping at the crazy werewolf man hulking around on the screen. I could tell he was a little nervous, but utterly fascinated at the same time.

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