Words, Independence, and Assertiveness. Two isn’t So Terrible.

Apr 1, 2014 by

eeds at the farm

My daughter will be two soon. She is getting so many new words each and every day. My husband often quotes ‘Old School , “Look at the baby, look at the baby”, when I tell him to look at Edith, listen to Edith, did you see what Edith did? It’s a fascinating age, and yes… sometimes challenging.

In addition to her words, Edith is also becoming Edith, testing limits and challenging authority…constantly!

Her testing us isn’t as shocking to us, now that it’s the second time around. “This isn’t our first rodeo”… Although, now there is the added opinions and feedback of my 4, soon to be 5 year old, who is observing both his sister’s behavior and his dad and my reactions to it. This certainly brings an added level of pressure not to waffle.

The Parent’s Dictionary

Mar 27, 2014 by


Remember way back when in the days B.C. (before children) when life was easy? Undoubtedly, with the birth of your children, things have changed. Below are a few terms that you may have used before that have taken on an entirely different meaning since you’ve become a parent!

Welcome to the Parent’s Dictionary.

Happy Hour – That precious time between when the kids are (finally) asleep and the moment you conk out on the couch.

Vacation – Two adults and at least one child sharing a hotel room for one week and trying to convince yourself that you’re relaxing and having fun.

Booty Call – When your kid poops in the middle of the night. To change or not to change the diaper…that is the question.

Blow Out – You used to worry about having one of these on the highway…now you worry about your baby having one when you don’t have a change of clothes.

10 Important Lessons Learned Through Team Sports

Mar 21, 2014 by

I don’t know where my son got the sports gene. Neither I nor my husband are sports enthusiasts, but our son is another story…he lives for baseball in the spring and fall, basketball during the winter, and track in the summer. Give this kid a ball and he’s happy. Beyond exercise, there’s so much more he’s learned from playing sports – he’s getting an opportunity to learn essential life lessons on the field and on the court.

1) He learns to lose…gracefully. Losing is not fun, but it’s part of life. Some days, your opponents are just a better team, sometimes you just don’t play well enough to win. Losing with grace and accepting responsibility for your loss (and not blaming everything else…the field was too wet, it was too windy, a black cat crossed our path…) is a real badge of maturity.

The Top Ten Ways You Know You Have 2 Kids Under the Age of 5

Mar 18, 2014 by

1. You have conversations about Jake, Sophia, Max and Ruby;

2. You impulsively scream “fire truck” every time you pass one in the car;

3. You say “listening ears” and “use your words” often;

4. You know the backstory of the Avengers and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles;

5. You buy more fruit in one grocery trip than you ever thought imaginable;

6. You know ‘how dinosaurs say I love you’ and that ‘dragons love tacos’;

7. You have spontaneous dance parties morning, noon, and night;

8. You know all of the words to ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’;

9. You rate restaurants on the availability of crayons and wikki stix; and

10. You consider a trip to the library and the playground a perfect weekend.

Enjoy your toddlers and Pre-schoolers. I’ve been told it goes fast…and I’m starting to believe it!

Missing Out On Your Child When You’re Sick

Mar 10, 2014 by

When I was younger I rarely got sick. Hardly needed to take any sick days. Didn’t worry about picking up whatever the latest bug was going through the office.

Now, forget about it. I feel like I’m basically always sick with something. This past fall I had a cold that seemed to last forever and made two trips to the ER – once because of a horrible, random bloody nose and the second time for a really bad stomach virus. Within the past month I’ve been fighting off another cold and this past weekend got another stomach virus. I also struggle with migraines. I mean WTF? Enough already, I’m so over being sick.

I’m sure a big part of it is from having a toddler who goes to daycare. I seem to get whatever cycles through those kiddos, even if my daughter didn’t directly get it herself.

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