Homework Hell

Dec 11, 2014 by

My son, now in 6th grade, has had homework since Kindergarten.  That’s right, nearly every day for more than six years he’s come home with assignments.  They started out pretty simple, coloring a picture, or writing a caption for a drawing – not so bad, except when your kid really wants to be playing outdoors after school and not sitting inside doing more schoolwork.

These days, homework comes with higher stakes – each work sheet, essay, or list of vocabulary word definitions is graded and becomes part of his final grade.  Sometimes he has homework in three or four subjects every night and it may take up to two hours to complete.  This is in addition to a long school day.  By the time he finishes his homework, it’s already dark outside- not exactly time to play outdoors.  And we wonder why there’s an obesity problem in our nation.

Two Brothers

Dec 9, 2014 by

This morning I woke Jack up to take him to daycare and he was his usual cranky, dramatic three year old self:


“But I can’t brush my teeth.”

That’s not the shirt I want to wear.”

“Those aren’t the pants I want to wear.”

“I want milk.”

“No, I want juice.”

“No, not in that cup.”


The morning went on like that…until he saw his little brother. Immediately, an involuntary grin spread across his face. They smiled and giggled at some secret inside joke and then Jack took his brother’s chubby fist in his hand and said “Look Mom, two brothers.”

My babies.

My boys.

 My sons.

Awkward Family Photos

Nov 11, 2014 by

My Fam (minus Mom the photographer) nailing the Awkward Family Photo.

My Fam (minus Mom the photographer) nailing the Awkward Family Photo.

Ever since my second son was born at the beginning of this year, I’ve been dying to get professional family photos taken. You know the ones I’m talking about: Mom, Dad, and kids all in classically generic poses, beaming at the camera, dressed embarrassingly alike. Yeah, I wanted that, in all of its cheesy glory. So for months, I planned. I picked out coordinating (but not identical) preppy little outfits for the boys (aren’t little sweater vests the cutest?). I found the perfect photographer, perfect location, and chose the perfect autumn day. I even bought the picture frames I was going to put the pictures in. These were going to be the best family photos ever! The morning of our photo shoot I talked to my three year old about what we were going to do, we practiced our smiles, and he was very excited about the whole idea.

To Cell or Not To Cell

Nov 7, 2014 by

We are at a major crossroad.  We are deciding whether or not to get our son a phone for his 12th birthday.  It’s once of those decisions that will affect life as we know it – and once you commit, there’s no going back.  I think my son is pretty responsible; he’s a good kid and most of the time he makes mature decisions. But all that can change with a smart phone in his hand – and the consequences are much more serious.  In other words, it’s not just the phone, it’s the web (literally and figuratively) that comes with it.

Trending: YouTube Videos for Minecraft Gamers

Oct 30, 2014 by

Son: “Mom, I need your iPad.”

Me: “Why? Are you finished playing XBox?”

Son: “I need to look something up on the iPad so I can play Minecraft.”

Me: Confused look

So, this is the new thing.  You don’t just play a video game anymore.  One gaming device is not enough.  Children are now watching videos on YouTube of other kids (usually teenagers and college-age boys) playing video games.  Yes, you heard correctly – they watch videos of people playing video games.  This is the adult equivalent of watching someone watch a TV show.  It makes no sense to me.  Yet, the littles are mesmerized by these teenage gamers running from Minecraft zombies or Mario  racing away in his little cart.

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