Middle School Survival Skills My Son Is Learning At Camp

Jul 11, 2014 by

diarywimpy kid

We’re a few weeks into the summer and my son has already learned a few important things at camp.  No, he hasn’t tied any sailing knots, or learned how to carve a bear out of a block of wood, but he is learning to navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of middle school a few months early.  The town-run camp that he’s attending is aimed at kids entering grade six through grade eight – so he’s being exposed to lots of new  things and older kids and it’s been somewhat eye-opening for him.  Here’s what he’s learned so far:

1. Keep track of your belongings. Campers are required to bring a backpack with their swimming gear, water bottle, and a book for mandatory reading time.  On the first day of camp, he put his knapsack down “somewhere” while he had lunch and, when he retrieved his belongings, he found that his book was missing.

My 11th Summer Vs. My Son’s

Jun 27, 2014 by

So it’s the first official week of summer and the internet is jammed up with statistics promoting the benefits of giving kids a free-range summer (as opposed to structured camp sessions – another guilt trip for working parents) and nostalgic remembrances of lazy 70’s summer days filled with catching frogs in the creek and pick-up baseball games.

I’m a child of the 70’s…and despite my advanced age, I remember those summers well – and I don’t remember them quite the same way.  The first week of freedom was GREAT! But by the end of the 3rd week we were hot, bored, and everyone was fighting.  Not exactly the idyllic stuff of these articles.

Take a Hike

Jun 24, 2014 by

I’ve always loved being in the woods. My dad likes to say that’s because he started bringing me on hikes when I was a little baby, and he continued to do so through adulthood. I feel alive in the woods. I feel comfortable in the woods. I feel peaceful in the woods. My favorite way to exercise is by hitting the trails for a trail run. My husband feels the same way.

We started hiking with our daughter when she was a baby too. We bought one of those hiking backpacks and we’d set her in it and head off. Talk about super cute! To my surprise, the movement of the backpack would actually sway her to sleep.

Recently we went on our first family hike without the backpack. And it.was.awesome.

As we approached the entrance to the trail she kept saying “I LOVE hiking!”

The Reality of Kid’s Sports

Jun 12, 2014 by

When our son started Kindergarten, my husband and I thought it would probably be a good idea to get him involved in a sport.  Soccer seemed like a good idea – a bunch of kids running around on a field.  Sounds like fun!  Every Saturday morning, we would go to the local field to watch the kids run, kick, and generally have a great time.

In the spring, my son decided he wanted to play tee-ball.  So, again we signed him up and off we went – every Saturday morning to watch him hit a ball off a tee and pick dandilions when it was his turn to play in the outfield.

By third grade everything had changed.

5 Important Lessons in Five Years

Jun 3, 2014 by

dons eyes I have had the pleasure of looking into these beautiful blue eyes for the last 5 years. My son and oldest child, Donald, turns five years old this week. It certainly has been a ride, that’s for sure. And, for as much as he has grown, I too have learned a lot about myself, motherhood, and being a family. In honor of this monumental birthday (it’s huge in my mind), I would like to take a moment to reflect on 5 of the most important lessons my son has taught me thus far.



Top 5 Lessons Learned in Five Years:

1. Life- the every day, like going to the park, riding a bike, shopping at Walgreens, or watching a tv show, is so very interesting and exciting;

2. People, their interests, their tastes, and their personalities grow and change and it is a lot easier and more pleasant to go with the flow than to fight against it;

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