Adding It Up

Mar 25, 2014 by

I have a complicated relationship with math. I won’t say that I’m not good at math per se, but I don’t really like it. I know it’s important but it makes me nervous. Sure, I know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Just don’t make me do it in front of you. I panic and freeze, immediately forgetting the basics and then I get flustered and just guess. I’m really self-conscious about it too. This weekend, my daughter’s Girl Scout troop ran a cookie booth and I was often in charge of making change. I tried to do the math while the customer and my fellow parents were distracted so no one would see me counting it out on my fingers.  (Look over there! Is that Elvis!?…aaand here’s your change.)  When it’s time to figure out the tip at restaurants, I always hand the check over to my husband. Not because I want him to pay, but because I need him to do the math so our poor waitress doesn’t get stiffed. He always says I could never hit the black jack tables in Vegas. I could never add my cards up fast enough to keep up! (I hear they frown on number lines in Vegas.)

Why Am I Going Back to Work, Again?

Feb 24, 2014 by

I have always wanted to be a working mom.  Looking back, I am not sure when I made this decision or really why.  But now here I am – after having my baby girl in October, I am finally faced with heading back to work next week.  To my surprise, I have really been questioning whether returning to work is the right decision.  One day I am bookmarking slow cooker recipes, planning outfits, texting work friends, and thinking, “I’ve got this.”  The next day I am a wreck, sniffling over the baby as she naps, and contemplating life as a stay-at-home mom.  One reason for the emotional roller coaster, I think, is the fact that many of the reasons I have always wanted to be a working mom do not seem to matter or make sense anymore.  Some examples:

Cleaner Living: I banished my shampoo

Nov 22, 2011 by

Welcome to the first Cleaner Living Column!

Most people who want to reduce their chemical use, may start with something innocuous like kitchen cleaner, something that no one will really see or care about if it goes wrong or doesn’t work.


I picked my hair!

For background, I currently have shoulder length, auburn/brown hair.   I have colored my hair since my best friend and I smuggled some Sun-In into my moms bathroom when we were 17, so i really can’t remember my true natural color.  It is somewhat wavy/curly when I don’t blow dry it, and has a fair amount of natural body.  I have never really had any shampoo brand loyalty, having to switch quite often when my hair became “immune” to one kind or another.   I get it trimmed about every 8 weeks unless I get the urge to cut it all off.

Cleaner Living Column

Nov 22, 2011 by

I wanted to start a column talking about ways we can live cleaner.  Not just for the environment, but how to reduce the abuse on our bodies and the bodies we love by limiting the chemicals we subject them to.

Growing up, I never really gave any thought to the products I used or exposed myself to.  I mean, if they can be sold in stores they must be ok for you, right?


As a consumer advocate, Hubby has been warning me for the last 10 years about the perils that surround us in bottles, sprays, cleaners, etc.   We know that companies who manufacture and market their products to us do not have our best interests at heart.  Most if them think with their bottom line- our health is collateral damage in the quest for higher profits.

CT – Changes to the State Income Tax

Oct 27, 2011 by

Recently implemented changes to the calculation of Connecticut (CT) state income tax withholding may have a significant effect on your paycheck.

Retroactive increases to certain tax rates, as well as the addition of a ‘catch-up’ element of withholding, means that for some employees, Connecticut’s state income tax withholding has increased substantially.

Please know that many companies have made these changes in accordance with the tax tables and regulations as published by the state of Connecticut (accessible online through Connecticut’s Department of Revenue Services at

US Payroll Services cannot provide you with individualized tax advice. However, should you wish to change your Connecticut Withholding Code to be used in calculating your state income tax withholding, please print, complete, and sign  a new Form CT-W4