Kids, Meet Mommy’s New Best Friend: The Television

Sep 15, 2014 by

I had a mental list of things I said I would never, ever, ever do as a mom. Oh, how I wish I would have actually made a physical list. I could use a big, huge, great belly laughing session like right now. I think I did a pretty good job not judging other people for these things I swore I’d never do, but they just weren’t for me. Not my parenting style, or the parenting style I hoped to have. If you want to feed your kid a Big Mac for dinner, more power to you. I was going to have it together enough to get a balanced meal on the table every night while working full time. I was not going to bribe or negotiate. Apparently I was going to raise a child who would always listen. And I would be a mom who never yelled or threatened. I’m not sure how exactly I thought I was going to keep my cool 99.9% of the time. Perhaps I planned to fall back on my yoga training?

He’s Doing His Job…And I’m Doing Mine

Aug 22, 2014 by

I thought that after the toddler stages, parenting would get easier – less “hands-on.” And it did…for awhile.  But parenting an adolescent is tough work. Although I don’t have to remind him not to run in a parking lot, I still need to be aware of what’s happening in his world and be there to listen, offer suggestions (not always solutions), and empathize.

This summer we had our share of growing pains.  We’re working on drawing that fine line between nagging and reminding. To which I usually receive an exasperated, “I know!!” (Enter logic: If you knew, why didn’t you do it?). We bicker more. He talks back.  He has an attitude.  It’s not even conscious. It’s almost like there’s an internal energy that’s pushing back – rebelling.  I remind him that it’s not acceptable to speak to me disrespectfully.  He apologizes.

10 Things That Are Totally Annoying Me Right Now

Aug 8, 2014 by

Yesterday I was driving to work when a teenage/early twenty-something young woman came screeching around a corner blowing through a yellow light in her SUV, music on full blast, cigarette in one hand and cell phone in the other.  Now, I hate to be the old man screaming at the kids to get off the grass, but I was like, “Jeeez, really? You could have killed someone there!”  Not only did she break three laws (speeding, not stopping, and hand-held phone while driving) she had absolutely NO REGARD for anyone on the road. That lack of common courtesy seems to be a trend.

Add another thing to the list of stuff that’s been irritating me lately.  I don’t know if it’s my hormones or what, but lately little things have really been getting on my nerves.  I figured I’d get it all off my chest here – so you can stop reading if you don’t want to hear my griping.

Dear Second Kid…

Jul 25, 2014 by

Dear Second Kid,

One day, a couple years down the road, you’ll google (or whatever the kids are using those days) your mom’s name and find this blog post. By the time you do this, you’ll likely have asked yourself why your sister has a baby book completely filled out with pictures and trinkets, the bigger bedroom, even her own logo on t-shirts and signs and maybe even more toys.  And you have… a handful of pictures in a box.

Why, dear, the answer is simple.

I love her more.*

OK, fine. I love you both the same amount. And I totally swear that’s not a load of crap. Because I hear you – I always thought parents secretly had favorites but that’s really, really not true. I swear. Really. Well, at least for right now as I write this because you’re one. And it’s hard to not love a one-year old who doesn’t talk back.

Kindness & My Three-Year-Old

Jul 22, 2014 by

I had an interesting moment of discovery a few weeks ago. My daughter attends in-home daycare, a place she absolutely loves. Often times they go for an afternoon walk and each day that I pick her up she gives me something new that she collected for me on her walk. Sometimes it’s leaves, sometimes it’s flowers and other times it’s just a random assortment of nature related things.

At first I would hold on to what she gave me but then as this continued to happen Monday through Friday I was kind of getting annoyed. I know that sounds crazy to say when your child is doing a nice gesture but she was really intense about making SURE I put my nature gifts in the car and my car was getting even messier than it already is. I never told her to not collect things for me – it was an internal issue on my part, a silly one in retrospect.

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