Things That Don’t Suck

Nov 5, 2014 by

This past weekend I was determined to potty train my son. We have tried unsuccessfully many times but this time I was resolute: No more diapers. I made sure we didn’t have any plans and didn’t have to leave the house for any reason. This was necessary in order to allow him to run around in just his little Spiderman undies. What I didn’t think about was the reality of being stuck in the house for two days straight. To make things worse, Hub had to work all weekend. This meant it was me – alone – with a 3 year old and a 9 month old. Did I mention the 9 month old had a miserable cold and is the midst of teething? Did I mention it was Daylight Savings Time and my days started at 4:45am? Did I mention it was too cold to go outside? I know what you’re thinking – suck it up girl, it’s only two days. You’re right, but let me tell you, those were the longest two days of my freakin life. I will leave all the gross, stinky details to your imagination. While trying to keep things in perspective, I’ve come to realize that not everything was horrible about that long, long (long) weekend. So let me share with you a few things that did not suck:

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Managing Milestones

Oct 18, 2013 by

Our daughter is quickly approaching 2.5 years old, and with her half birthday a new series of milestones will be on the horizon for her. I’ve struggled with what order we should tackle these in, as I want to handle them one by one so as not to rock her world so greatly and hopefully ensure success with each one.


Toddler bed

We’re tackling this one first, mainly because we have a bit of a deadline. My sister and her husband will be using our daughter’s crib when their son arrives in January, so I’ve been readying the nursery for the big switcheroo. I may or may not have also chosen this milestone first because decorating a little girl’s room makes me so happyyyyyyyyyyy.

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Potty Training In One Weekend, or Why I Have Only Five Minutes to Write This Post.

Jul 26, 2013 by

For best results, you may want to cover the WHOLE rug.  We just got lucky.

For best results, you may want to cover the WHOLE rug. We just got lucky. [Image Credit: Yours Truly.]

This post is going to read more like a diary entry than an article.  Why?  Because I’m attempting to write it in about 5 minutes, rather than the 2-3 hours or more that it often takes me, from thinking through a concept to putting on the final touches, to write for this blog.

I am amazed, lately, at how little people understand about the major time-suck that is parenting babies, toddlers and preschoolers.  Not amazed, really, because how would you know if you haven’t been through the experience?  But what is amazing to me is how quickly parents forget about this period in time once their children are older than 5.

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If You Sprinkle When You Tinkle…

Jul 22, 2013 by

RANT ALERT (If you’re sick of my ranting, please move on to another post without reading…)!!!

I’m writing this after just having come back from the ladies’ restroom where I sat (gasp!) on the toilet seat and ended up with a bottomful of someone else’s pee. This isn’t a random public restroom (although I won’t say where it is); it’s a semi-private restroom where the patrons using it are limited. NORMALLY here, I’d wipe down the seat and line it with paper before sitting (because at 5-ft tall, squatting usually means I end up peeing everywhere) but for whatever reason, I just pulled up my dress, pulled down my undies and sat, only moments later realizing the mistake that I had made.


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Life Lessons From the Potty

Nov 7, 2012 by

I am a proud mama. My daughter has been using the potty pretty successfully all week. It’s amazing she got to this point seeing as I’ve been a little inconsistent with her training regimen. It was easier for me to keep my child in diapers during the week and save potty training for evenings, days-off, and the weekends. Confusing for a toddler, I know. I feel a little bit of working-mom guilt for doing so. We had lots of accidents around the house over the course of a few months of “trial potty-training,” as I liked to call it. BUT, with patience, good timing, and the help of my child’s caregivers, we finally found a rhythm to this potty training business.

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