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Back in the day I used to go to a lot of concerts. I still keep an eye on the tour schedules of my favorite bands and take note when they come to CT, but usually never actually make it out. So, I was aware that my favorite little folksinger was going to be here and I’d considered buying tickets, but come on – I have a 10-month old baby (and a 3-year old), the concert was on a Monday night (of the second week the baby is in daycare) and the venue is over an hour from my house. Then I saw an ad on Facebook that my bank was giving away a pair of tickets and I thought what the heck.


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“I will not teach or love or show you anything perfectly, but I will let you see me, and I will always hold sacred the gift of seeing you. Truly, deeply, seeing you.”

I had a moment recently where I found myself questioning my success as a parent. My 6 year-old son did something that I wasn’t proud of. I sat him down to point out what I expected differently from him. I’m not sure it sank in. I felt like I was failing at something.

It’s funny that we spend so much time trying to be better parents while also constantly reminding ourselves that “perfect” is not attainable and we need to cut ourselves a little slack. So, which is it:  strive for being the best parent imaginable or allow ourselves to just be? We spend so much time looking outward for the answer, we forget about looking inward.

It’s not goodbye, just see ya later…

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This is one of the hardest posts I have written to date, as it will be my last as a CTWM blogger.

A little while ago, my husband and I made the decision to look at the possibilities of moving closer to our families in NH. Things happened fast, and just before our vacation I was offered, and subsequently accepted a job. We will be moving soon, and the house that seemed so small a few weeks ago now feels like a small country that needs to be packed up. And though we are thrilled to be able to live closer to family (really close, as we will be living with my folks for a bit), I’m a bit sad, a little stressed, and trying to hold it all together.


Oh, Pooh Bear…
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Mom’s Greatest Hits

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I love music. It is the one thing in life that can uplift my spirits, calm me, and remind me to take life a little less seriously. There are many recording artists out there who have given me great advice through song when I needed it most. However, there are many songs that have taken on new meaning for me now that I am a mom. Here is a compilation of those tunes that I find have been reinvented for me as a parent:

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Rolling Stones. I can totally relate to Mick Jagger’s angst in trying to get some of whatever it is that will keep him satisfied. For the mom version, I like to sing these variations in the lyrics:

A Dirty Look at Cleaning House

Feb 26, 2013 by

Everyone has that room in their house. You know, the one that you make sure the door is closed to whenever company is coming over? The one where you put everything that doesn’t have anywhere else to go? I have one of those rooms. Ok, I have a few of those. Organization is not my friend; in fact she doesn’t even know I exist.

Do NOT go in there! (Hey there's the vaccum!)

Do NOT go in there!
(Hey there’s the vaccum!)

I try to keep up with the mess, I really do. Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming though. In fact, last weekend I spent over an hour cleaning dishes in the sink, putting them away and clearing off the stove. The next morning when I went to make coffee, I saw that my husband had left me the sweetest note. It said “The kitchen looks awesome, thank you for your hard work! Love you.” I was beaming and so proud of myself. Then I realized he had written the note on the edge of a dirty pizza box which was resting on top of a pile of clutter on the counter, in front of a kitchen table so piled with crap that we can’t even sit at it. Oh, the irony.

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