When your child gets lost…

Jul 3, 2013 by

It was our first day of vacation and everyone was excited!  We had an adult to kid ratio of 6 to 2, so we were feeling confident that we could navigate all the throngs of people easily and not lose anyone.

We were wrong.

While walking to our next destination, we came to a fork in the road and among hundreds of other visitors and all the looking up at the sights, Miles went one way while the rest of us went the other.

Cue panic and fear.

Luckily we noticed it right away, but it still took us a good 10 minutes of hell to find him.  He was just as scared as we were, but because he was prepped he was able to remember what to do to help himself to find his family.  It was a good reminder to always be alert and aware, but also of the importance of preparing your kids for the worst, even if it never comes into practice.

Product Review: CleanWell Botanical Cleaners and Fabric Spray

Jun 27, 2013 by


CleanWell Cleaning Line: Fabric Spray, Bathroom Cleaner, All Purpose Wipes, and AP Spray
Photo Credit: Dena Fleno

When it comes to cleaning my house, if you follow me you know that it is a reluctant chore that is not on the top of my list.  I do not have floors you can eat off of and the bathroom sink often looks like an alpine slide from all the toothpaste spit (Win for brushing the kids teeth, though!).  The good folks at CleanWell have come out with a newer cleaning product line and were kind enough to send over some for me to try!

My experience with this company has been good.  I usually stock up on their Hand Sanitizer to put in school backpacks or keep in the car.  It really helps in the potty training years when “I gotta go!” means I had to go five minutes ago and you better PULL OVER NOW LADY!  I have known their products to be toxin free and rate well with my trusty EWG.  I was excited ( and so was my husband) to try out their cleaning products!

NFL Roundtable on Youth Sports Safety

Jun 14, 2013 by


Bloggers Jillian Gilchrest, Sarah Bourne Perillo and Christa Allard at NFL Headquarters Photo Credit C.Allard

Bloggers Jillian Gilchrest, Sarah Bourne Perillo and Christa Allard at NFL Headquarters
Photo Credit C.Allard

Earlier this week, three of our bloggers were delighted to represent CTWorkingMoms.com at the NFL Roundtable on Youth Sports Safety for the second year in a row. While last year’s event focused primarily on concussions and football, this year’s panel was expanded to include other sports popular with youth as well as additional topics related to youth sports.

Concussions were still a hot button topic among the panelists, and rightly so; if you want to take a look at the prevalence of concussions in our youth beyond boys and football, check out this video about a girls soccer team from Pennsylvania (I promise it’s worth watching all 8 minutes 39 seconds and will change your perception of what concussion is and looks like). Appropriately, it seemed, the panel was moderated by Dr. Elizabeth Pieroth of NorthShore University HealthSystem, a Head Injury Consultant and Neuropsychologist. But this year the roundtable also looked more comprehensively at other safety concerns around youth and sports and the wellbeing of our kids while participating in sports activities.

Need to Know: Planning for Kindergarten with a Food Allergy

Apr 5, 2013 by

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Earlier this week, Jen blogged about her apprehension toward her son starting kindergarten—a whole eighteen months from now—due to his severe allergy to peanuts, which can trigger a life-threatening condition known as anaphylaxis.  For the uninitiated, an anaphylactic reaction is a true emergency that requires immediate action to save a child’s life, due to its interference with breathing, circulatory and other functions.  Avoiding contact with the allergen in the first place is obviously the best way to manage a life-threatening allergy, but in the case of small children with food allergies, it’s not that simple.  You not only need to restrict certain foods at home and monitor what your child eats closely, but you must also be mindful of the total environment in which your child spends his day.  For the most sensitive of allergies, even a trace amount of the allergen will be enough to set off a reaction.  My cousin went into anaphylaxis on a childhood vacation, where the plain cheesecake served to him had been sliced with the same knife that was used for the raspberry walnut cheesecake.  It’s that serious.

Needless to say, it’s understandable that anxiety can set in at the thought of sending your child off to school for the first time with a life-threatening food allergy.  As Jen described, a large part of what makes this so scary is that everything is new.  Since I deal with the public schools all the time and I have some experience with kids with food allergies in this context, I thought I would offer an outline of how to prepare for starting school with a food allergy.

A Toxic Chemical Victory!

Aug 16, 2012 by

Excellent news! Johnson & Johnson has now committed to removing a wide host of known toxic chemicals from their products by 2015. Earlier this year the company committed to removing these unhealthy and dangerous chemicals from baby products, but they now have plans to move past that original promise to include all of their personal care products. This is huge, like really, really huge. I can’t recall seeing another large company voluntarily take a stand like this. Go thank them on their facebook page because when companies do good, they should know we appreciate it!

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