What I Say to My Kid vs. What I Mean

Oct 7, 2014 by

Anyone with a toddler knows that every day is a test in patience and endurance. Every morning when I wake up, I give myself a pep talk that goes something like this: He’s three years old, cut him some slack, he’s curious, just trying to figure out the world around him. Be tolerant.  Be kind to him. I will admit though, I am not too good at the whole patience thing.  But I try. I really do. For example, here are a few things I say to my son versus what is actually going on my head.


What I say: Yes honey? What can I do for you?

What I mean: How can you possibly say my name that many times in a row? Say “Mommy” one more time. I dare you.


 What I say: No, you may not ride your brother like a horsey.

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Bigger Kids, Bigger Problems

Oct 28, 2013 by

Have you ever heard the old saying – “bigger kids, bigger problems?” It might seem pessimistic to think things with my kids will only get worse as they get older, but instead I try to keep this saying in mind to calm me when I’m worrying about something with one of my two small kids. Yes, whatever is going on is hard, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that big. And while it usually does settle me down about whatever it is I’m stressing out about, it also usually breaks my heart to imagine the things that they could face when they’re older. If the little things are tough, the big things are bound to really test you as a parent.

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Mom’s Greatest Hits

Mar 6, 2013 by


Photo credit: Microsoft Clip Art

I love music. It is the one thing in life that can uplift my spirits, calm me, and remind me to take life a little less seriously. There are many recording artists out there who have given me great advice through song when I needed it most. However, there are many songs that have taken on new meaning for me now that I am a mom. Here is a compilation of those tunes that I find have been reinvented for me as a parent:

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Rolling Stones. I can totally relate to Mick Jagger’s angst in trying to get some of whatever it is that will keep him satisfied. For the mom version, I like to sing these variations in the lyrics:

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Something They Said Sunday

May 27, 2012 by

Motherhood is not for the faint-hearted. Frogs, skinned knees, and the insults of teenage girls are not meant for the wimpy. — Danielle Steel

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Something They Said Sunday

May 20, 2012 by

“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” – Anne Frank

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