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Not Your Mother’s Botox!

An amazing thing happens when a special needs child turns 2 (at least in our experience). It seems as if all kinds of new treatment options come into play. Since we started Gavin on valium almost a year ago, we have been...

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you’re neither fish nor fowl when you’re chronically ill

There’s a certain amount of attitude that goes into having a chronic illness. You accept that this is your body and that you have limitations. It really isn’t the kind of situation where you can grit your teeth and pull yourself up by the bootstraps and you will overcome. The American Dream doesn’t work on chronic illness. But you can give your chronic illness a big old middle finger and have fun with the things you can do.

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Sorry, I’m not sorry

As a special needs parent I’ve come to realize a great many things about people (that includes friends, family, neighbors, and those I don’t know well) and to be honest, not all of these realizations have been pleasant. Luckily...

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A Special Child Care Search

With summer officially here, if parents haven’t already done so they will soon be looking for ways to keep their kids entertained for the next two and half months. Luckily (or not) for us, with three kids under the age of...

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