Mommy Mush Brain

Jun 27, 2014 by

Before kids I was the most organized, put together, type A person you could meet. I was the organizer of social calenders, always early on work projects and never missed a deadline.

Fast forward to today.


I have dubbed this condition “Mommy Mush Brain

I have literally forgotten a simple thought two seconds after having it. I have done the classic go to get something from another room and forget what said thing is when I get there.

I have forgotten weekend plans, then see the reminder pop up on my phone an hour before and scramble to get the kids, and a gift for the party.

I have forgotten to tuck my boob back into my bra…as any normal person knows flashing is unacceptable. I would like to apologize to my neighbors.

Is Will Smith causing my memory loss?

Is Will Smith causing my memory loss?

Learning to say NO!

Aug 2, 2013 by

“I’m So Tired, My Mind is on the Blink….”

Jul 16, 2013 by

I’m tired, really tired. It’s only Monday as I write this! But lately the weekends have not been long enough for me. This is true even though I don’t go into the office on Fridays, because I take care of my grandson in the afternoon so I work at home in the morning. So in effect, I have a 2.5 day weekend and it’s still not enough.

I don’t know whether it’s work burnout, or chronic Lyme Disease, or getting older, or the heat, or what. But I’m really tired of being tired.

I definitely don’t go to sleep early enough, so I rarely get 8 hours of sleep. On the weekends, I love to take a 2 hour or longer nap each day. It’s quite delicious, but it doesn’t compensate for lack of sleep during the week.


Nov 23, 2012 by

I love the holidays and love thanksgiving, but the last two thanksgivings have been slightly different. I was not the well-rested, put together woman in a nice outfit. I was the tired, barely shaved and showered mother who is ready to go to bed before I even went.

My son has been teething (which is a whole other topic) and not sleeping as well. I should not complain since he is usually a great sleeper, but last night he was not. It is funny because I used to be hung over the morning of thanksgiving from staying out late and now I feel that way without having crazy stories to remember the next day.

I am writing this post at 8:00 pm after a wonderful holiday with a glass of wine and do not feel bad one bit that I am going to go to bed by 8:30pm and I do not care about the dishes in the sink, laundry in the dryer and that my husband is asleep on the couch.

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