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Can I tell you ladies why I am so freaking happy right now that I could scream?! I am literally beaming from ear to ear. Take a guess? Did I win the Lottery? NOPE Did I get a promotion at work? NOPE Did I suddenly lose 20 pounds...

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Mommy Mush Brain

Before kids I was the most organized, put together, type A person you could meet. I was the organizer of social calenders, always early on work projects and never missed a deadline. Fast forward to today. I CAN”T REMEMBER...

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I love the holidays and love thanksgiving, but the last two thanksgivings have been slightly different. I was not the well-rested, put together woman in a nice outfit. I was the tired, barely shaved and showered mother who is...

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My Husband’s Week Away

  Last week, my husband went away on his first week-long business trip without us.  This was the longest we have been apart since the birth of our daughter two and a half years ago and the first time I had to manage being a...

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The dreaded MAN COLD!

My husband is AMAZING! He is a supportive, wonderful, hands on parent and partner but every few years something comes upon our house and brings havoc to my super productive husband. Is it the bubonic plague, malaria, or even...

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I am tired…

That pretty much sums up how I’m feeling lately. I am so tired, like, all the time. We’ve had some life changes going on at home – my hubby has started out at trade school and is working a part-time job so...

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